Warning: Mundanity Update Ahead!

Thursdays have become one of my favorite days of the week.

It started out because we were bowling in a league on Thursdays after our Sunday night league ended. For a few weeks there was an overlap and we were bowling Wednesday nights with our Fetlife group, Thursdays in the this new (tough) league AND Sundays in our old league. I loved it, bowling fanatic that I am; both guys had had enough by the time the old league ended and said we had to cut back to just the one or two nights. And that was how we ended up with Thursdays being what they are now, and in spite of not getting to bowl at least twice a week (we try, but life gets in the way) I am pretty happy with the way things have turned out.

It’s all very domestic. I work from home Thursdays, so I usually try to do little housekeeping chores in between work stuff: laundry, changing sheets, freshening up towels and living spaces. I like the house to be warm and inviting when they come home.

When they come home’ – how I love the sound and feel of that!

Sir usually gets home first, though this week they arrived at almost the same time. Kevin (Sir) was slightly ahead so he dragged the trash bins into the garage just in time for Adam to pull in. Watching from my office window, I grinned my fool head off. I don’t know what I found so endearing about it – maybe just the very mundanity of it. ‘This is just our life…’

Last week K arrived first, while Adam texted me from the grocer: Need anything? I was already cooking dinner, but yes, I did and gave him a list. K came in, kissed me hello, we chatted a bit and I asked him to slice some apples for the dessert I was making, then shooed him away to relax on the couch while I finished dinner preparations. Adam came in shortly thereafter, kissed me hello, dropped the groceries off and told me about his day. Then I sent him upstairs for a soak, as is his wont after a twelve hour work day, while K played on his phone and napped on the couch and I cooked and listened to the Glass Cannon Network podcast I am addicted to, Giantslayer. (Yes I have fully embraced nerdhood.)

So I played Betty Crocker while my men relaxed after a hard day’s work! It was fun and felt so comfortable and sweet. We watched a YouTube episode of the nerdy D&D podcast we all listened to, stretching out on the couch with me in between, touching and being touched by each of them. Felix, of course, had to be right at our feet. We laughed together and at Felix and at each other. (Okay they laughed at me, but even that is cute and sweet – getting teased by them both.) There wasn’t one kinky thing about it and I was as happy as could be.

Sometimes we watch a movie; sometimes we play a game. Adam usually goes to bed a bit earlier, needing to be up at 430 a.m., poor guy, but Sir and I are usually not far behind, because we both have to work Friday, too. Sometimes we do stay up and play a game or talk a bit.

Last week before bed I got lucky and Sir striped my thighs, working off some of my Whack Points (which stands at about 800 right now.) And then (oh happy Jade) he laid back and said I had something else to work off: one of the numerous bj’s that is my reward for the 200+ point games he’s bowled recently.

It amuses me to write all that – adding the caning and blow-job-as-reward into the list of perfectly normal, “mundane” things that make up my life now.

Hooray for the mundane things! I am so in love with my life and my men.

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