Happy Christm-Ass!

A short break from my reflections to help celebrate the holidays…

Adam and I took Van Morrison down to this funny little town in the Ozarks called Eureka Springs. I have fallen in love with the area and the town! We have been shopping and eating and wandering, as much as the cold temps and rain have let us. When not occupied by those activities, we have been playing board games in the warmth of Van Morrison. And you know what that means – points on Jade’s Whackboard!

I have some leftover whacks to be administered from previous gaming, so in addition to the ones I am collecting this trip, Adam took the opportunity to work off some of the older ones: 180 of them. And, being the exhibitionist slut that I am, I of course did a Marco Polo of it for M, whose birthday was just three days ago, and then also sent it to Sir. Because exhibitionist. And then, because of that (again!) I decided to post a clip here for you all, as a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, or none at all) just because it’s fun!

I hope the holiday was/is as full of joy as this spanking was to me.

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