Train Car

The Scavenger Hunt Locations include Train Tracks and Train Station, but I didn’t see one for Train Car (in this case a retired caboose), so I hope that subBee will accept it. It doesn’t really fulfill the “station” location because – it’s not in a station. It’s sitting in a park near a restaurant that the three of us had gone to one brisk spring day for lunch. It was very impromptu – I saw the train and I had a dress that lent itself to flashing the ta’tas…so I did. And this was the result!

One thought on “Train Car

  1. It does exist, it’s just a little hidden away as it’s combined with subway after all a train is a train over or underground, so of course I’ll accept this!

    I love the smile, it sums up the Scavenget Hunt perfectly.

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