Don't let a submissive torture herself…

Scratches on my ankles. A blister on my finger. Oozy itchy poison-something tracks on my arms and legs. Sunburned back and shoulders. Aching back. Sounds like a good time, eh?  Even when he’s away W can be the cause of so much torment–even when he doesn’t know it.

Mission: Accomplished

"Don't stop," the ex snarled. "Keep sucking his cock, you little whore. Keep sucking it till he comes!"

HNT – Simple

W’s out of town and I’m feeling kind of low (more a result of subdrop than him being gone, since I only dropped him at the airport a few hours ago!) But still…fetishy just didn’t work for me today.


I have another blog, my “real life” blog that I write mostly head-stuff in, thoughts that have to do with my daily life or with me, and who I am, as opposed to the graphic stories I share on here about sex and BDSM and submission.  And I struggle with…

Late HNT – Skewers, Chains and Shoes

I love this picture because it seems almost innocent…sexy heels, a bit of chain, obviously a relaxed moment, a lady of leisure curled up for a nap maybe… The reality is something far different…as skewers were pressed slowly, deliberately into the tender flesh in the arches of my feet… And…

Dreams and Shoes

So I had this dream the other night that I was staying in this house on the beach, I believe in the Outer Banks, NC, for the summer.  And the deal was that I had free use of the house for the entire summer, but that my “rent” was that…

HNT – Peek-a-Boo

Some women get tramp stamps, I get tramp rope. Are you Half-Nekkid yet?? Go see Osbasso!


I am electrified; I pant, I moan, and he has barely begun. But as he continues, my mind wanders to another time he was eating pussy...and it wasn't mine. I writhe and moan as I imagine him now, holding her legs open, his mouth fastened on the tan, smooth mound…

Half-Nekkid Thursday – Bound

I am bound by more than rope, more than chain. I am bound, willing with invisible threads of my own making. Are you Half-Nekkid yet??

Multiple Orgasms

I have multiple kinds of orgasms.  Multiple orgasms as well, but that’s not really what I am talking about. I am talking about different types of orgasms…and not just like, g-spot or clitoral or vaginal or anal. I mean, the way they happen, in my body, in my head, and…