I have a friend that I send pictures to, one (vanilla) in the AM, one (less vanilla) in the evening. I sent him this one the other night. “Cheeky!” was his response. Not sure if he was referring to the little smirk on my face, the pose, that ass –…


I slept in my play collar last night. Collars are hot in play, and sexy as hell; they are a lovely way to formalize the transition from one state of being (partners, lovers, friends) to another (D/s, kink partners, owned and Owner); but there is a feeling of security in…

First Bath

I had to try out the new bathtub.

A First Night Alone

“Send me a risqué picture,” he said. It’s all new. How much is too much? How much is not enough? I was alone in the house for my first overnight. This felt daring enough. This time.


It was bound to happen – overdue, really. 12×5, cold, with the heavy cane. Frankly I’m surprised I’m not a whole lot redder, as much as I was wincing, yelping and jumping around.

Gettin’ My Paint On

I really like that pale yellow for my bedroom.

A New Chapter

I’m standing in what will be my new bedroom, once we get the rooms painted (this week) and stuff moved in (this coming weekend.) It’s been both an unbearably long and unbelievably short time, watching the house being built week by week and now – finally – it’s done, it’s…