A Kodak Moment

I sit in my office, panty-free, only a single silky layer of material between me and the seat of my chair.  I feel him inside me, wet, slippery, and wonder if his semen will slide out of me, making a wet circle on the back of my skirt, staining the…


Pretty beads… Are you “Half-Nekkid” yet?


I am feeling whiney small and deliciously helpless–please, I need a big strong man to save me!  From what, you ask?  Well, um… Baldy is stuck behind the bed.  And that other vibe, the cute little one?  Just ain’t doin’ the trick.  And I am too lazy to use my…

W's World

And in W's world I will fuck a man simply because he says to.

W’s World

And in W's world I will fuck a man simply because he says to.

Intelligence on the Net

Most times I write about my own experience, because that’s what I know best, and honestly, this is oftentimes the way I process the things that I do, that I allow to be done to me.  Even as I am baring my soul (and other parts) here for the cyberworld…


That’s apparently the highest number I can count to.  At least when I am being caned. We have friends that use the “counting” method: Top: “Okay, I’m going to give you 30 whacks with this <insert favorite implement here>.  Keep count for me.  Oh, and if you miscount, I start…

Industrial Fuck

Unresisting...there was no resistance left in me. I simply opened my mouth and took him in as he fucked my throat: a head in a cage. An open mouth. An industrial fuck.

Sometimes Things Go Wrong

She’d been told to get there by 4:30, she had a late call, traffic was bad, she arrived at 5:05 PM. “I’m here,” she called, wondering at the location he’d sent her to. A house under renovation, beautiful at its core but full of dust, paint, tools and tarps. The…

Right thinking

I can’t stop thinking about my pussy today.  Can’t stop thinking with my pussy.  Even that word–and others, “cunt” in particular–seem to be in my head a lot more often than they should be today.  I am afraid someone is going to ask me a question and I am going…