I spent four days in sunny North Florida, and five days before that sick almost-to-death with strep throat. Not a lot of kink–or any sex–going on in my life the past week or so. Then I got home, visited W, and then got nicely fucked by the SO, and all…

HNT – Peek-a-Boo

Some women get tramp stamps, I get tramp rope. Are you Half-Nekkid yet?? Go see Osbasso!

HNT – Wood and Rope

The beginning of a very interesting scene. Are you Half-Nekkid yet??

Submission v Subjugation

Sometimes I fight just for the pleasure of resisting him, of making him take me, of feeling him force me, pin me, hold me.

Mush and Dirty Fantasies

He talks about so many things, I never know which he really wants to do and which are fantasies he is weaving, for himself, for me.


I am electrified; I pant, I moan, and he has barely begun. But as he continues, my mind wanders to another time he was eating pussy...and it wasn't mine. I writhe and moan as I imagine him now, holding her legs open, his mouth fastened on the tan, smooth mound…

Half-Nekkid Thursday – Bound

I am bound by more than rope, more than chain. I am bound, willing with invisible threads of my own making. Are you Half-Nekkid yet??

Multiple Orgasms

I have multiple kinds of orgasms.  Multiple orgasms as well, but that’s not really what I am talking about. I am talking about different types of orgasms…and not just like, g-spot or clitoral or vaginal or anal. I mean, the way they happen, in my body, in my head, and…

A Date with W

We are in the theater. It is dark, but we are up front and the others watching the movie are there, in the dark, behind us. The can see me squirm, they can see his arm crossed in front of me, I imagine they know that his hand is in…

Half-Nekkid Thursday – Stocks

Sometimes he plays with wood instead of rope or chains… Are you Half-Nekkid yet??