Sunday Perfection

A perfect way to spend a Sunday:

  1. Wake up in the predawn to A’s hand between my legs, his cock nudging me from behind. I escape to the restroom, only to be pinned down, prone, legs stretched out straight, wrists gripped in one of his large, hard hands as he fucks me from behind.
  2. Take my run as dawn spreads across the sky. Humidity and sweat slicking my skin, I end up running just over 4 miles. I haven’t been able to clock my distance since I started, just made rough guesses and used my playlist to tell me when to turn around. I’ve assumed I was running about 2-3 miles. This time I ran along the road, so out of curiosity I drove it in my car. Two-point-two miles one way. The best part?  Yesterday I ran longer along a new trail, calling myself a pussy when I turned around because it didn’t feel like I’d run long enough. Yeah, I’m a fucking beast. Go me.J's Heart
  3. Come home to A fixing us breakfast–yumm, eggs and toast and coffee.
  4. Have a really good chat with the gf, clearing the air about some things.  She send us love in the shape of a beautiful heart she colored with sidewalk chalk.
  5. Finish a new piece of erotica I am working on for submission July 1st. Send it to the gf, who helps me begin to polish it.
  6. Get a spanking.sundayspank
  7. Get laid.
  8. Give some yummy head.
  9. Take a long, lazy, post-orgasmic nap.
  10. Do homework at the table while A makes dinner–and actually understand it.

Life is good.

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