Five Friday Follows

“Five Friday Follows” is my version of the Twitterverse’s Friday Follows meme.  In it I post new and interesting blogs or posts I’ve found during the week.
So here are my picks for some new blogs to check out.  And yes, I know it’s Saturday, but I DID start the list on Friday, so there.
Twisted Monk, of has a blog as well as a website for selling rope and instructional videos. Of particular interest to photographers is this post on his need for bondage art using his rope for advertising purposes.
The Coquitten. I wandered over via someone else’s blog, drooled over her hot HNT and then started reading…This little tale of a one-night-stand FAIL had me laughing out loud at my computer, even as I commiserated with her. That’s the trouble with one night stands: “You just don’t know if the guy is worth it. He might be hotter than hell, but that doesn’t make him good in bed.”
Married Man’s Fucktoy. I’ve been reading (and lusting after) her for awhile, but this post just had me sooo hot. And then, the follow-up, with her Owner’s arbitrarily banning her from posting in her blog–is there anything hotter than the arbitrary and totally unfair abuse of power? Heh.
Via her blog I accidentally ran across another delightful find, Under His Hand, when I linked to a page in which the blogger details making some homemade torture devices, specifically a “tack bra.” W had mentioned wanting to fashion one, so I was particularly interested to see how someone else had done it. Oh, and the clothespin zipper on her labia?  OMG ouch!!!! I may be sorry I have pointed this page out to him–there’s some evil devices there! I do so love the subtitle to her blog though: “it’s delicious to suffer.” Oh yes, it is.
And finally, while I can’t vouch for any of their products, not having purchased any, I can say I love the idea of The Dungeon Discounters. Who doesn’t need a bargain in this time of economic uncertainty? Even in the dungeon…

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