Tie(me) Me in the Bath

Tie(me) Me in the Bath

I said, “Time me in the bath.”

He heard: “Tie me in the bath.”

Wonder what was on his mind?

I am signed up to do a 5 minute reading of my writing at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Erotic Authors Association conference “Sex in Sin City” that I’ll be attending next week.¬† I’m nervous, and also, I needed to read my story, “Switch” from the anthology Orgasmic, in order to find out how much I could read in five minutes.
I guess he wanted to be sure I stayed put long enough to finish the reading.

5 thoughts on “Tie(me) Me in the Bath

  1. How I love an old fashioned claw foot tub. They’re so sexy.
    Remember, when you’re in front of a group, you may tend to speak faster than normal. Practice slowing yourself down. I wish I could be there to see you read and meet you. Break a leg!

    1. How fun would it be to meet some of my blog readers there!
      And yes, that’s one reason I am reading it out loud MANY times before I go (and will do so just before I do my reading.) I get nervous and start to either a) stammer or b) talk really fast when I speak in front of a group.
      And oh YES I love his claw foot tubs! He has one up and one downstairs. I LIVE for my baths at W’s.

      1. I am not doing a reading… I get super nervous for a planned public speaking. I tend to giggle and not hear what I am saying.
        Now.. if it was an impromptu thing? No Problem!
        Weird.. I know.

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