Wanton Wednesday – Messy Girl

A few more from this scene.

I almost feel like it’s wrong to post these pics for Wanton Wednesday, because truthfully? There isn’t much of what I classify as “wanton” here.  Wanton, to me, is passion. Sensuality. Joy in sensual and sexual expression.  And…this whole evening was not really about that.

Except…maybe it was, a little bit. It wasn’t joy or sensuality with the man that W negotiated the scene with.  That was just…fulfilling his desires, few of which I shared (such as messy play) — being a body for him to use. But there was a wantonness in allowing W to use me that way. To give me away to this stranger, to allow him to use me that way, because I knew it pleased W. Just thinking about that makes me hot all over again–hotter than the entire night made me, to be honest.

Actually, my favorite moments of the night didn’t even have to do with the actual scene, and certainly weren’t caught on camera.  After this was over, W himself took me into the shower, got in with me, and washed me clean. The feel of his hands in my hair, of his hands soaping my body and reclaiming me – washing away what I had become in that scene – that was wanton.

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Wanton Wednesday

5 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Messy Girl

  1. I think I would be the same with the messy thing, not sure it holds much wantoness for me however the shower…. now you are talking!

  2. Being a sensations type of gal, I think I would have gotten into the messy play more… but the shower would definitely be glorious!!
    ~Kazi xxx

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