Miscellaneous Bits of Nothing

Not really nothing…lots of good stuff happening…but not a lot of time to write (because I’ve been busy doing, I suppose.)
So…you get snippets and bulletpoints.

  • As noted, W and I had some really good discussions surrounding my issues with his play date(s). Amazing discussions, actually, that really moved our relationship forward in positive ways. I hope to be able to discuss them in more detail at some point soon, like when I have had more sleep and can think clearly.
  • Speaking of sleep, I am still struggling with sleeping thru the night. I do better at W’s (seems that rough sex and/or BDSM are good sleep enhancers) but even there I don’t sleep clear through the night, and wake too early.
  • Speaking of sex, I’ve had me some lately. After a month of minimal activities, it was good to be soundly fucked by W and then to turn around and get fucked by Ad. W’s hand and cock, Ad’s cock & mouth and my favorite wooden dildo. And all in a pussy unadorned by rings. They go back in soon (Monday?) but it’s been fun not having them there! My pussy is smooth and soft and so very…well, soft. No pinching or grinding of the rings, just good hard fucking.
  • Speaking of a soft pussy, the Kinky Bucket List item I am getting scratched off at Tryst? Saline injections in my cunt lips. !!!  Seriously!  It’s making me hot just thinking about it.  Planning is on-going. I’ll keep ya updated.
  • Speaking of planning, I’ve just been given the go-ahead not to plan anything for Dark Odyssey – Fusion.  I know, this may seem very unJade-like, but…there it is. I feel an immense relief to just let this one…happen. Will probably expound on that more later.
  • Expounding…damn I really need to talk about Journeys some more, where we went, where we ended up…so much inside of me, no wonder I am not sleeping.
  • Here’s a tidbit of where we went: I ended up playing with W and the other chick. For reals! And, like…making out with her and stuff.  And…it was fun. And…if all works out…we are going to do it again Saturday night. With Ad. And I set it all up again.

So yeah, that’s a helluva tidbit, huh? Definitely not “nothing”…
Stayed tuned for more when my brain is functioning again! 😉

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