Sinful Sunday – Fucked (Up) Kitty

So…my kitty got fucked. Or rather Hello Kitty did. Then I did. Then I was the fuck kitty…

If you look closely you can see the remains of poor Hello Kitty…and some tools W used to…fuck her with.

More later. Promise.

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Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Fucked (Up) Kitty

  1. That sure looks like a window weight on your left, weigh about 8 pounds, it sure has me thinking, but maybe it was just laying there and not really used, yea, right. Tip

      1. I had a garage full of the damn things, opps, I mean sex toys’s and I gave them to the scrap metal guy. Could have set them up on a table in front of the house sold them for who knows what as sex toy’s. You just never know what you are throwing away. Love your blog. Tip

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