We Survived Fusion Stormageddon 2012

That’s right, we survived the storm that hit Fusion, downing many, many trees, knocking out power and water, and generally causing havoc – but not even one injury, in spite of a tree falling through the roof of one of the cabins and several cars getting smashed.
Actually, W and I slept through it. Ha! We saw the storm coming in and decided to batten down the hatches, enjoy the lightening and thunder and cooler temperatures by snuggling up in bed and taking a nap til it was over. We never even knew what hit camp until we went down to the dining hall to see what was up, since the lights in the cabin were out. After a quick bite, and hearing everyone around us talking about all the damage, we took a walk-about in camp to check things out. We were shocked at the damage – we’d thought it was just another thunderstorm.  It was eerie walking through camp with no one about and trees crashed everywhere.
Electric & water was out that night and into the next day, but people pulled together, we all made do, and soon Fusion was rocking again. It was amazing how fast the camp organizers, tree guys and utility folks had everything cleared up and back to close-to normal. And, after having seen the amount of destruction both at camp and in town (we had to make an unscheduled trip into town on Sunday) I was shocked that no one got hurt or killed. You had to see it to believe it – trees and branches crashed to the ground mere inches from and in between tents. One giant tree crashed into the Oink cabin and went through the roof in at least one place, but in spite of the cabin being fully occupied and campers hanging out on the porch, enjoying the cool of the storm when it happened, no one was hurt.
And the party went on. Not even Mother Nature can stop a camp full of kinksters from getting our kink on.
More on everything we did in camp in subsequent posts.

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