The Weekend and Beyond, in Bullet Points

My ass got a break yesterday. It had a big weekend. It deserved a rest.
Honestly I am having a hard time remembering everything we did since last…Wednesday? Thursday? It was one of those weekends, yanno? So filled with…stuff. Hot sexy yummy kinky fun playful mean intense crazy stuff.
Love it! And my life…
But sheesh. I wonder how long it will take to recover. LOL
Backwards, then, my weekend:

  • Woke up yesterday AM to the feel of W’s hand on the leather collar I wore all night, tying one of the ropes he has hanging from his wall to the d-ring in the back of the collar.

Yeah, I wore a collar all night to sleep. The first time ever with W. All night, every time I moved, I would feel its pressure, and hear the leather creak, and smell it, and feel his hand on it. A possession. Owned. It makes me wet just thinking about it now. How I have longed for that with him.

It doesn’t “mean” anything, of course. It’s not a Collar, “capital-c.” It’s just something we played with Sunday night, something that turned him on to make me wear all night. But fuck. It makes my heart race just thinking about it. My stupid heart that places way too much significance on such things.  But that’s okay, I had it for awhile. And may again. It pleased him, too, if for different reasons. Or maybe the same reasons. Maybe it is just our vocabulary that is different. So maybe he will want me to wear it again.

  • Before that W, Ad and I had played. It is Anal August, of course, and so W wanted to mark some things off my Requirements List. He also had some really nice Picture Requests that dovetailed nicely with them, so we did those. I am sure you’ll see more soon, but here’s a taste.

That was from a figging scene. Yeah, that’s me being very happy about it. I know, I wasn’t supposed to like it, and there were times when it quite uncomfortable, but mostly, it was a good sensation, even the burning.  But then again, I ask for Ben Gay sex, so maybe I am not a reliable witness to this sort of play. LOL It was an awesome scene in so many ways though.  I promise to describe in more detail in my Picture Request write-up. (Click the link if you’d like to send in one of your own.)

Along with that fun, there was also anal stretching, fulfilling another Picture Request (you guys/gals just ask for the sweetest things, don’t you?)  As noted before, more to come on that as well.

So that was Sunday night.

  • Sunday afternoon we spent running around doing Rope on the Run pics. We’re up to Q in the Alphabet Challenge, and we had much fun finding Q’s to play with. We also found a random T, which often happens when we play this game. In the middle of that fun, I got the phone call I have been waiting on: my new laptop was ready to be picked up! That’s right, I am back in business with a laptop of my own.

But that also means that I am having to get used to a whole new desktop, the feel of a new computer and keyboard, and a different way of organizing. I am feeling…a little discombobulated today. Anxious. So (of course) I reorganized my office when I got in to work today. Again. (It really is an improvement. I had lived with the new set-up long enough to know I needed a couple changes, so I made them.) And tonight I will go home and clean house and reorganize closets and clean the refrigerator, I imagine.  It’s the way I “destress” myself.

  • I just realized as I was rereading this that I totally forgot about Sunday morning. What happened was that although we had the best of intentions, Saturday night we didn’t do the things we thought we were going to (play.) So when we woke up Sunday morning, I asked W to play with me. Actually, what happened was he was bemoaning not having done the things he had wanted/planned to do the night before, and since we were just laying there in bed, I said, “Well you can do them now…” And so he did, taking me out into the bondage room and tying me naked to a post so he could thrash me.  It was lovely.

It’s sort of an interesting thing that has happened, since we’ve become more of a “couple.” In the past, weekends had to be crammed full of play, because, well, we might not ever have another weekend together, right? So, many times he’d drag me out of bed (sometimes literally) and beat me up of a sunny (or rainy) weekend day. But now that’s there’s not that impetus, mornings are usually about some rough sex and fresh coffee while we catch up on email and plan our day. Don’t get me wrong, I love our mornings together sipping coffee (much like my mornings in bed with Ad) but…I have to admit to missing those early morning thrashings, when I’m not thinking about my hair or make-up (or maybe I am, but he doesn’t care, he just wants a piece of me) and it’s just about being in-the-moment. It’s a great way to start a day.

And after, we had coffee. ;-P

Continuing backwards…

  • I spent most of Saturday day at home, finishing up some writing and hanging out with Ad. I am a guest blogger over on the Oh Get A Grip blog on Thursday, writing about the topic “Dangerous Truths,” which is about writing autobiographically. Huh, you think I have anything to say about that?

Actually, because the blog is about erotica writing, I took it a different way than I might have (and may still.) I’ve had my concerns and anxieties about this space, what I write here and the pictures I show, such as it pertains to being so open and how it could impact me professionally – most notably when I won the RFT Web Award last year. In spite of those worries, I want to be open. I am not ashamed of what we do, and who were are.  With that in mind, I recently I agreed to be interviewed by Kendra Holliday over at The Beautiful Kind for her new show debuting on the Playboy Radio Channel. It’s quite a stretch for me – I am much more comfortable in front of a computer screen than a microphone. But Kendra has always been such a champion of sex positivity, and I really do feel that it’s important to get that positive message out as much as possible, so I said yes. (Watch this space for more information, soon.)

But it does mean additional (possible) scrutiny of my blog, and additional ways that it could “accidentally” be found, so I have been pondering that issue. But I decided that the risk was minimal, given that it is the Playboy channel, and that a person has to be subscribed to it to listen.

But then, on top of that…I received an email from a reporter at the RFT, asking me to do an interview with her about my life. I seriously considered it. I would have loved to do it – but the idea of having my blog publicized locally, in a paper that I know many of my coworkers read…yikes. The idea very much freaked me out. So I turned it down. And now I ponder more. How long can I stay “under the radar?” How long before someone – that I don’t want to – makes the connection between the professional “me,” and “Jade,” uber-kinky sex blogger? A whole other kind of “Dangerous Truth” isn’t it?

Anyway, I did go over to W’s Saturday night, eventually, and we went to dinner, with plans to come home and have a good beat’em up session. The best laid plans, though, right? We both crashed before that happened. LOL

  • Friday I got off work early as usual on Friday and headed over to W’s. I had a goofy “broken” evening again, because I had to pick up my son at some point, so we didn’t want to get into a heavy duty play scene, but in the hour or so before I was supposed to leave, somehow we ended up doing our first figging scene. It was a “preliminary” figging, W said, just to see how I reacted. It was not bad, though worse than the second time, surprisingly, as the second time we used “seasoned” ginger, which was supposed to be more intense. The seasoned kind actually seemed less intense, go figure. And after that I went home and hung out with The Missy and Ad, watching TV. What an odd juxtaposition is that??
  • Thursday was an odd day. I had tons  of running around to do, and W graciously offered to drive me around to get it done, the most important of which was to take my bicycle into the shop.  But because of a series of snafus and bad weather, what was supposed to have been a couple hours lasted all afternoon.  But then that night we had an awesome scene. We’d had a hot sexual scene involving someone else the evening before, and then a lovely, romantic evening out afterwards at a favorite restaurant of mine, so by Thursday I was in need of something corporal. For various reasons, W wasn’t feeling in tip-top form, but he knew I wanted/needed the special connection with him that I get from a good impact scene, and for once, when he asked me what I wanted, it wasn’t hard to tell him exactly what I needed. In fact, I was really really glad he did ask me, because I desperately needed a deep impact scene, and that was exactly what I got. I talk a lot about him just “doing stuff to me,” and most times, yes, that is exactly what I need: him driving the scene, my loss of control; but this time, it worked perfectly for us both – me being honest about what kind of scene I wanted, and him making it happen. No, I wasn’t in “control,” at any time, but I did get exactly the kind of scene I wanted. Communicating one’s needs and desires is never topping from the bottom when the Top has requested that you do so. This too, is an act of obedience.  And it was beautiful, and hot, even if I never could quite let my mind go completely. Damn head, wouldn’t let me drift.

That wasn’t an entirely bad thing though. While I love to space, it does take me away from the connection at times, and there was part of me that wanted – needed – to be very present for him, with him. The scene we had done Wednesday had been…a removal of my humanity in a way, and I needed to find that again with him. So while he danced the whips against my body to the rhythm of the music on his playlist, I was right there with him, dancing and moving and experiencing it all in time with him. It was really special.

  • So yeah, then there was Wednesday.

I don’t really know where to start with Wednesday. He had conceived of a really hot scene, something he had talked many times about doing, but had never done. Wednesday, he did it. And pulled it off spectacularly. And then, afterwards, we had a lovely dinner at a romantic restaurant, just like any other ordinary couple.

But you’ll have to wait to read all about that in another post.

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