Anal August – Brief Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated how I’m (we’re) doing with our Anal August goals, so I thought I’d give ya’ll a brief update.
This past week we managed to accomplish a couple of the requirements, much to my delight: the candle and anal beads.  I find the scene-type anal activities much more to my liking than just wearing the plug daily, which we’ve really fallen down on this past week.  But that only makes sense, given my proclivities. In a scene or sexual situation that involves this kind of play, it is being done to me, the daily plug-wearing is something that I control and do, especially if there is no repercussions if I don’t. I like it when he reminds me or tells me to wear it, and I can even get some amount of pleasure mentally from wearing it at my own behest, as I am doing today, because I know it will please him when he reads this or I tell him. But really, my kink is all about being told or made to do something, so just having the “option” to do so doesn’t really do it for me that much (at least enough to drive me to do it every day.) Once I have it in, yes, I feel like I mentioned in this post, but without the impetus of being told to do it in the first place…well, I guess I am just not that good of a submissive.
On the other hand, I find the idea of being made to be plugged semi-constantly extremely hot.
So why the disconnect? I dunno. Maybe it is the difference between me choosing to be a ponygirl and the forced ponygirls of W’s fantasies. The one is cool and fun for him, the other makes him hot and bothered.  So maybe I really do need the control aspect and/or punishment dynamic in that case, in order for it to be hot for me.  It’s interesting to think about, to try to puzzle out how it works in my brain, and why – and how and why it doesn’t at times.
Besides the challenge of wearing it daily, and how to make that work, we also are challenged by time constraints. That is one long list of activities to get accomplished in one month, especially when we only spend a couple nights a week together, and many times during those nights we don’t scene at all. I think that W thought (hoped) that Ad would be more involved, and do some of those things at home with me, but with kids around they are hard to do. Also…Ad just isn’t wired that way, to set up a scene, especially one that is potentially invasive or uncomfortable to me, and do it. If I had been more proactive, I could probably have got him to use “non-anal” toys on me, but, again, see above. Maybe if W had been the type to tell me to go home and ask for it, then I would have, but without that, well it’s just easier not to go to all that trouble.
In any case, I think W realized early on that we would not be able to accomplish everything on the list this month, so he’s declaring September “Supplemental September.”  We have a  spectacular “Grand Finale” for Anal August planned over Labor Day weekend, but W has said that we will continue working toward our Anal Specifications & Requirements all September as well.
So what’s still to do? All kinds of fun: enemas, plugged dates, Njoy 2.0, long-term wearing of the plugs, getting me up to the giant plug, exercise and a hike with the plug, more non-anal toys, lots more ass fucking, an anal hook, anal vibration & an inflatable buttplug, to name a few.
And August isn’t over yet, so we’ll see what we can fit in before the finale.
And then, of course, there’s all of September.

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