Back in the saddle.

The metaphorical saddle. Wish it was a real saddle. Maybe in a couple weeks?

Ugh. So yeah, a thing happened to the blog, and now it lives in this self-hosted site – free WordPress no more. It never should have been, and I knew I risked the blog being taken down, but things being what they were, I just wanted to start writing again, and that was the fastest, easiest way to do it. Thank goodness when they suspended it I was able to recover my written content – but no media. So all my old posts are here, but they will probably look funny for awhile because images that are referenced either won’t show, or will be represented by image placeholders, and paragraph spacing and such is pretty fucked. That’s probably more annoying to me than no images, perfectionist that I am when it comes to my writing, but what the fuck. It is what it is. At least I’m back up!

There will no doubt be lots of changes as I adjust to the new space – in particular to the design. I had to pick something down and dirty to get it back online, but it’s all subject to change. It was due a redesign anyway.

So! That’s that for the moment. More later!

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