So much to do…

So much peopling this week! And planning…

My week looked/looks like this:

Monday night K came over. My son was supposed to come but work interfered, so Ad made a delicious steak dinner for us. K helped me work on getting the blog back up and we played board games and talked about upcoming vacation plans.

Tuesday I had a busy in-office work day, which meant lots of face-time with coworkers. Dinner plans with a friend and then stopped by K’s for a little while.

Wednesday a friend hit me up for some poly support, which ended up being a long, intense texting session, and that night was dinner out with K and then Kinky Bowling. That also ended up being a lot more human interaction than usual, because one of the new people was from Chicago, and knew some of my kink spots/friends.

Thursday Ad and I went over and played D&D with the crew.

Tonight the three of us are going to a vanilla party where there will be lots of people none of us know, tomorrow K and I are attending a work party of his, where I will be meeting his work colleagues for the first time (and making my vanilla debut as his girlfriend!) and then tomorrow night the thee of us are attending a decidedly not vanilla kink party, where I hope to get my ass beat. And maybe my thighs too! (Eep my pussy just did a little throb at the prospect!)

And through all of this I am in the middle of vacation plans for not one, but two tropical vacations! Flights, accommodations, research on activities…wardrobes and meal planning and outings with the group. As an added “stuff to think about” my daughter is trying to tie me down on doing a campervan weekend over Thanksgiving with her, and to commit to doing a shakedown cruise in it with Adam sometime in October, so she and her boyfriend can borrow it in November. I am always (always always!) thrilled to be making travel plans, but right now I am feeling a little, well, maybe not overwhelmed, but is “whelmed” a word?  I am feeling whelmed.

None of this is bad, of course, but even good stress is stress! I will be glad of downtime Sunday, and hope that a good thrashing Saturday night will quiet my brain a little. Or maybe some of the other kinds of play that the Hypnotist does with me sometimes. To that end (de-stressing) he did help the other day when I was all fired up with nowhere to put that fire. (Me: I’m DESPERATE for some kink. Some sex. Some play. GAHHHHH!!) His response was for me to Marco Polo myself cumming for him at my lunch. Yay for WFH days! I used my favorite realistic dildo AND a buttplug (not something I usually do to myself, because…I dunno why not…) and my Baldy. Because I needed to be stuffed full. It was a delightful escape in the middle of the day. And in honor of Friday being Boobday, here’s a capture from that video. I love the peek of black lace and my breasts in this!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Boob Day

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