Poor Barbie!

I never knew that the original Barbie was based on, according to this article, a German doll called Bild Lilli, which (…) was based on a prostitute from a German adult cartoon.”  That, I love.  And this quote from the article: “…the doll she created was a merchandiser’s dream. In marketing terms, her philosophy (was) that Barbie could be whatever her owner wanted…”
I always had moral issues with what is basically a sex-object being sold to our daughters as the “ideal” in feminine beauty and appeal.  I never bought them for my daughter, never played with them as a young girl.  So imagine my surprise, and…joy…when I discovered that W has Barbies and…perverts…them! He has “Bondage Barbies” in his house, and we are planning to have several out for guests to “play” with at our un-Valentine’s Day Party next Saturday; he also has an entire gallery on Bondage Demons devoted to the poor abused dolls (link to “Feature Galleries” and scroll down to “Demon Dolls”.)  Lovely Barbie bondage as well as some clever rhyming to go along with them.

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