HNT – Moody Marks

Coming late again to HNT…seems like I am perpetually so lately…and I am not updating here as much as I probably should be…oh well…busy girl, right?)

Anyway, an older picture this time, actually from the first event W and I ever went to, Spanksgiving, well over a year ago now.  But it kind of reflects my mood this morning. Not because I was moody during this (in fact I was in a lovely, post-play glow, having just returned from a night of heavy sceneing at the event, high on W and all the lovely, evil, painful, frightening places he could take me.) But…somehow, now, this picture speaks to me about how I am feeling right this minute…a little moody…wanting to turn my back, withdraw a bit, to curl in on myself, hold myself close.

(PS- there’s a click-thru of the rest of the marks…)

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6 thoughts on “HNT – Moody Marks

  1. I see how this picture could reflect your mood. It looks like you are holding yourself and definitely reflecting on where you had just been. I think that picture relays those things quite well.
    I will have to say that the way your marks look against your skin is quite lovely too.
    Happy HNT!

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