My Day

My life is freakishly amazing. Freakish and amazing.

  • I am at work, sitting with shoes off and feet tucked under my butt, because my pussy is too sore to sit on after two nights of use and abuse by W.  But I can’t help myself, I keep shifting just a bit, just to grind against the pain a little, because it reminds me of him fucking me in the middle of the night. And in the beginning of the night.  And in the middle of the morning. And the beginning of the morning…
  • Those two nights have consisted of: ridiculously high heels; rope; balancing on one foot while the other is tied; sleeping in chains; going to the ice cream shop with a glass buttplug in my ass; anal sex; pussy sex; masturbating in his Jeep while we drove back from the ice cream stand; sitting at his desk in his office with his his hand so deep inside me he was almost fisting me; quiche and strawberries and white russians and talk. Lots of talk and catching up.
  • I have spent the entire day in heat because the man that owns me has spent all day weeding through a list of men that he wants to make me fuck.
  • I wore 5-inch heels with my jeans today. LOVE wearing fuck-me heels with jeans. And to work. The girls stop by my office daily now to check out what I am wearing on my footsies. LOL
  • And an earlier response from me to the idea of getting beat up before going out to meet our friends and Ad for dinner tonight: “I think it’d be nice to go to dinner all beaten up.” Nice? Sometimes, life is surreal.
  • When I realized I might be able to stay over at W’s again tonight, if he wanted me to, he emailed me this: “Given that your girl holes have been well worked over the last couple days perhaps I’ll give pre and post dinner beatings so that you can be well-savaged, to round out your week here. In short, yes I would like to chain you up again tonight.”
  • And here I am, posting twice in one day. How amazing is that?

One thought on “My Day

  1. Definitely freakish and amazing. I need to admit I am totally jealous of your shoe collection (though 5 inch heels would probably be dangerous on me!)

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