Pony Play – Brown Pony

I mentioned over on APL that I’d played with Ad and W one night in “pony” gear at W’s house.  I’m not exactly sure how we ended up with me in a bit gag, my brown boots and a hip belt on, but fueled with a beer or two and some Keith Urban on the iPod, I was soon sassing it up with the two of them–Ad holding the reins-cum-impromptu-lashes…

"You can't tame me!"

"Whoa, Pony"


…and W alternately “hobbling” me with chains…

…egging Ad on, or cracking the wicked singletail he has to “inspire” my capitulation and taming.

Eventually, the wild pony was tamed…

…but not before much hilarity and fun ensued.

I hope that Brown Pony gets a chance to come out and play again soon.

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