“For me the essence of this encounter will be sex, degradation, and objectification – with a little corporal or pain thrown in as an accent.”
That’s what his email said, when I emailed him about some questions I had about tomorrow night’s adventure.  I’m not really sure I what to call it, what we’re doing tomorrow night.  Play date?  That doesn’t quite capture the substance of it.  Like the last “play date” he set up for me with someone I didn’t know, I don’t feel connected enough with the process to feel like it’s a “date.” Date is too sweet a word, conjuring up romance and connection and deep, soulful discussion.  It implies a “getting to know you” event.  This is nothing like that.  The guy is coming into town, we are meeting him for dinner, and then we are going back to his hotel room to…do whatever it is that the two of them have decided to do to me. Like that other time, I don’t know exactly what they’ve set up, and I have purposely not asked too much about it. Unlike that other time, I have had considerable discussion, via chat, with this Top, so at least I have an idea of what kinds of things he is into.  I have also had several discussions with W about the event itself, without getting too much into particulars, that I did not have prior to the last time.  I think that will alleviate some of my anxieties about it. I learned from that past experience.  Also, W will be involved in this from beginning to end, not just watching as he did that other time. But still…I don’t know much about what they are planning. I don’t even know what this other Top looks like. (Does it matter?)
I do know that the other Top has some very specific “preparations” he wants me to make. I’d forgotten what it was like getting ready for a BDSM date in which the Top wants me to do/wear/act a certain way. With W I almost always get ready at his house, since I already have all my kinky clothes there, and even if I didn’t, he doesn’t dictate if I am to be shaved, unshaved, have make-up on or not, have “cleansed” myself (read take an enema) or not, for the most part.  (Occasionally he will tell me to wear a particular type of clothing, or will specify shoes, or will tell me to look especially slutty, along those lines.  But more than that…not so much.)  Frankly, that (telling me my ass has to be cleaned out) wouldn’t even be practical: he takes my ass whenever he wants it, and since I am over there several times a week and oftentimes have unscheduled visits to him, I’d have to be taking an enema every damn day if that was a requirement!  So.  He just uses me, ass, mouth or cunt, when and where he wants, and if I need to clean up after, I do. Pretty simple.  (It’s just me that about dies of embarrassment if things get messy!)  And, in a way, it makes his ownership of my body that much more real.  I don’t have to be prettied up, and I certainly don’t get to dress up and be pretty–or even clean–for him every time.  He takes me and uses me when and how he wants, whether or not I’ve “prepared” myself for him.
But New Top has some specific things he wants, and it’s kind of exciting getting to fulfill those requests, too.  To make special “preparations.”  The fun part of it is that it is Ad that will be helping me get ready. He actually used to do this quite a bit before, when I would go over to W’s.  W may not have asked me to, but I wanted to be clean-shaven (and sometimes cleaned out) for him. It sets the tone, puts me in a good headspace, to be doing something special for him, preparing my body for his use, even if it’s not something he specifically asked for. And…the coolest thing…Ad enjoys partaking in that as well. He enjoys helping me get ready by giving me an enema and shaving me, front to back.  He likes the feeling of both pampering me and getting me ready for someone else to fuck and use.  He likes that it both excites me and embarrasses me to have him pay such close attention to me, and we both get off on the added knowledge that he’s doing it to make me appealing for someone else.
And then he enjoys fucking my newly shaved, clean, pussy and ass.  Using me first.  Marking me as his, too.
So tonight I am getting shaved. Tonight I am being given an enema. And tonight (I hope) to have both my ass and pussy fucked. To prepare me for whatever is to come tomorrow night.

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