Wanton Wednesday – The Games We Play

I thought a little change-up was in order, that I needed to post something a little more…suggestive.  A little more wanton, if you will.

I love having two men that play well together and that both delight in playing with me.
What wickedly wanton games they devise!

Do you feel like sometimes you want to be a little more than just half naked? A bit more than just slightly suggestive? For the weeks you want to play with the wicked & wanton crowd, feel free to join us on Wednesdays.

6 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – The Games We Play

  1. Oh, that is an awesome pic! Definitely wanton, and transports me immediately to similar adventures Brenda and I have enjoyed 🙂 But we don’t have pics as good as this one to remember it by.

  2. Oh yum! That’s a little bit more than suggestive and a damned wonderful picture to share. There’s little else like being the focus between two people who play well together. Super sexy!

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