Work from Home Tuesday

I’ve mentioned that working from home hasn’t been as fun as it had been previously, since I’m not at W’s and he’s not here, but today, in celebration of some dynamic adjustments (that I am working on a post about), he sent me instructions!  So, for your (and his) enjoyment, I present my Working from Home attire today.

"Wear a thong," he said. "Preferably an itty-bitty one."

I think this pair qualifies.

What I didn't tell him is that I am wearing my super-high high heels, too. I've been wearing them faithfully at least for a short while every day since he's been gone.

I think they look better without the yoga pants, though. Don't you?

7 thoughts on “Work from Home Tuesday

  1. Jade you even make something as simple as yoga pants look SUPER HOT!!! Then adding the heels & thong…OMG!!! SEXY!!!!!!!!! I need to be your work from home partner 😉 Thanks for sharing……..Kara XOXOXO

    1. ~grin~ You & Jess always make me grin and blush! I think the two of you should come for a visit and we can ALL have a “work from home” day! We could be a “secretarial pool”…lmao

      1. If we weren’t so busy between school and work I think we would definitely be taking you up on that offer. Being part of the “secretarial pool” would be VERY HOT! SEXY Outfits and plenty of naughtiness between us 😉 I also would just LOVE to go shopping with you for HOT shoes! Jess doesn’t share the shoe love like we do. I think Jess on the other hand would be interested in trying out some of those HOT bondage positions W puts you in. She loves the extreme bondage positions you sometimes share with your bloggers.
        Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Kara XOXO

  2. Working from home is great. Having done it in isolation for over four years in a previous role I suggest it gets stale but being able to mix it up with the team at work – Hooray!
    Pants are definitely optional. I like your bare bottom.

    1. @sapioslut – Yeah I did consulting from my home office for about 9 months at one point…thought I would LOVE never having to go in to the office, but apparently I need actual in-person interaction more than I realized! Ideally I’d have 2 work-from-home days and 3 at the office, but I’ll take what I can get (especially when I get to start working from W’s again. I LOVE that.)
      @Kara – Ha, there’s something for everyone! Well, we can dream: one day, a Kara/Jess/Jade weekend of shopping, tying up & girlie fun!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you two as well!

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