Task 2 – Sheer Madness

I had a choice of three potential tasks.  I chose to “Wear a sheer blouse out for the evening,” although “lacing my rings shut with a necklace chain” was what I wanted to do, but since I didn’t think anyone was going to see it, and I was feeling like doing something that would be seen, I chose the sheer blouse option.
I may have taken the easy way out. I knew I was going someplace where dressing a little risque would not be frowned upon, and with someone who would probably appreciate not only what I was wearing, but why.

As it turned out, except for the adorably precocious Charlotte_Times, who wore the cutest outfit EVAR to the sex+stl happy hour & art show (and, of course, the nude models) my sheer blouse was one of the more…revealing…ones.  But I was not looked at askance, and I believe Lawyer Guy (who I shall now give an official initial to: “M”!) liked it well enough. What I wasn’t remembering was that he had asked me out for a bite to eat after the happy hour, and we went to a very nice, “normal” restaurant, where a woman in a sheer black blouse and bra might have been a bit unusual to see.  As that turned out, while I did garner a few looks, they only made me feel warm and fuzzy and admired, not trashy or embarrassed. So it was fun!
So what’s all this “Task” stuff about, anyway? Well, ya’ll know that W is out of town for the next month. We (meaning me) have had some…difficulty…adjusting when he goes out of town on these month-long trips. I try try try not to feel neglected, not to need more from him, not to be needy, because I know that these times are hard for him as well. But I end up feeling so disconnected, not only from him, but from what we do, that I can’t help myself. 🙁  So this time, we discussed ways to keep that from happening.  And what we came up with was a “Task List.”  It works this way.
W invited several friends and past and present play partners to contribute to a list of tasks that he would then assign me during the month. I was able to invite some as well. To date I don’t know if any of them have contributed, and the idea is that I won’t know who has or what tasks came from whom. Some days, he will simply tell me what to do, others he may give me a choice. They might be kinky or sexy or silly things. I’ll never know what to expect. There is some wiggle room (with explanation and possible consequences and/or reassigning of said task) given that he isn’t here to know what might be going on in my home and work life, but for the most part I will attempt to do whatever the task is.  Sometimes I’ll blog about my experiences here (cuz of course I have to share it with ya’ll!) but sometimes my updates will be only for him.
That said…I’ll be a little daring here…if you have something you’d like to contribute to my task list, email me at piecesofjade at gmail dot com and I will tell you how to get in touch with W. Be aware that he won’t tell me to do anything stupid or dangerous or too outrageous (or at least I assume the last one!) Also, DON’T send your task directly to me–I am not supposed to know who sent what in!  But you’ll know if I did it when I write about it here. 😉
And now, on to Task 3: “Write “Fuck Meat” in letters at least 2″ tall on a part of your body not normally visible to the public. Also write the letters FM in a body location that can be seen by the public. Have a ready explanation in case anyone asks what the letters stand for. The writing should remain in place at least 24 hours.”
Stay tuned for how this turns out. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Task 2 – Sheer Madness

  1. Oooooo I do like a good task. Having spent many months in an LDR tasks have become a fairly regular feature in our life but your list sounds VERY interesting. I look forward to reading more.

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