It doesn’t take much.

I’m having a day. Coming out of my self-imposed isolation, I guess, and starting to feel the need for BDSM. Every single time I am surprised at reaching the 8 or 10 or 12 day mark and realizing this is a need.
A fucking need.
Half in jest I asked him about playing with someone we both know peripherally, while he’s gone, just to get a beating, which I obviously need. This person is pretty intense, and I might get more than I bargained for.
He said no.
“Seriously?” I said. “No?”
“Not without me there.”
“C’mon, you could say you told me so!  Wouldn’t that be worth it?”
“Not long distance,” he said.
“You’re, uh, serious, aren’t you?”
“Yup,” he replied.
And fuck if my little subbie heart didn’t squeeze tight.  And better yet–my cunt did a little squeeze too. I am soooo fucking easy.

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