10 x 10 + 1 (or 2, or 3, but who’s counting?)

It started with a task that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to complete:

Task 20: Multiple O – Have ten orgasms in one hour. Each orgasm must be separate. There must be at least a three minute non-orgasmic separation between each orgasm.  If you fail, repeat the task the next day. If still a fail, repeat the third day. If not completed after three days incur penalty.

I’m a pretty orgasmic girl. And once you get me started, multiple orgasms are not unusual. But to have to stop and start, with at least 3 minutes in between? I just didn’t see any way that I could accomplish it. In fact I was so sure that I sort of gave up before I even tried.

Then I got this task:

Task 21: Ten Things – Insert ten things from around the house in your hole.
Hmm…ten things…ten orgasms…coincidence? Serendipity? The world giving me a smack with the clue x 4 to give it a try?
It was Saturday morning. I told Ad about the “1o Things” task. Without me even suggesting it, he started gathering the items that I would insert. Oh yeah, this was a task he could get behind.
Then I reminded him of the other “10” task. He knew that I had already decided it couldn’t be done. “Do you think…?” I began.  “You know…maybe if I combined the two…”
He was certainly up for the challenge.
Here are all the items he gathered together.

Out came Baldy, my Hitachi. I knew it couldn’t possibly happen without him, but I was still quite dubious about it happening even with him.
Ad kept time.

Orgasms with Items 1 & 2, a candle and the working end of a swiffer duster, happened pretty quickly, in spite of the pokiness of the swiffer.  In fact they were so quick that the time in between them was the only time that I didn’t make the “3 minutes between” rule.

The orgasm from Item 3, a monkeywrench, took a little longer, as the wrench didn’t lend itself well to “in and out” action. I knew the image was one that W would love though.  It’s just so…wrong.

Next up was the hammer. I actually kind of like this image. And I think it’s funny that of all the things Ad chose, two of them were tools.

It was in the aftermath of that orgasm (delightfully instigated by the amazing fucking action Ad used on me with the handle of the hammer) that I looked at the growing pile of toys and panted, “Is that only four?”  Orgasm are hard work.  At least ones where you come down entirely before starting another.
Item 5 was perhaps the most perverse.

Yes, that’s a rubber chicken, and yes, it’s a dog toy, and YES that’s my dog looking on very worried.  I don’t know how I managed to come with that thing in my cunt–close my eyes and think of…anything but what was really going on.
Items 6 & 8, a tube of hair product & an electric shaver, were related, but Ad swears they were not commentary on my unshaven cooch (letting it grow out so that I can get it waxed just before the cruise.)
I came hard and fast, almost painfully, with the shaver inserted. Ad turned it on, and the combination of Baldy vibrating on my clit and the shaver vibrating against my g-spot was a mixture of pleasure and pain that had me coming, hard, within minutes, but then I was begging for a break afterward.  Ad got me some water and a cookie, and I lay back and thought about whether my clit was going to be able to stand up to it all.
Then it was back to the salt mines.
Even with the break we were doing pretty good on time, until we ran into technical difficulties with the flashlight.  Condoms just aren’t made for stretching over a flashlight.  Soon, though, he had  Item 7 inserted and thoughtfully turned on, so there was “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Orgasm 7 was a long time coming (pun intended) as well, for whatever reason. But then when I did, I ended up coming again almost immediately, in my classic multiple style.  “No no no!” I said, curling away from Ad’s hand. “It doesn’t count! No fair!”
By Item 9, the remote control (of COURSE he would include that!) we were getting close on time. “Hurry,” I said, “shove that remote in there!”  I was glad to see a remote control being used for something other than flipping channels.
And then came the wine bottle.  “A fine dessert wine,” Ad said, smirking.

And I knew that I needed to give W a bonus.
I inserted the wide end of the bottle first into my cunt.  Then I had Ad turn it around and push the neck into my ass.
I came, explosively, in just under the 1 hour time limit. And then had another one right on top of it for good measure. Me, sleepily, exhausted, afterwards: “Rats, that one doesn’t count.”
And then, because apparently fucking his girlfriend with random objects makes him hot, Ad had to shove one more not-so-random object inside of me.
“Thirteen!” I yelled as I came with him thrusting inside of me.
“Yeah, he said, “but it doesn’t count. Your hour is up.”

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