An Accounting

Oho, it’s about time, isn’t it? I blogged all month about W’s Task List and my successes and failures in completing them, and teased you with the notion of “penalties” to be paid for those failures, even keeping a running tally of my infractions…and then W gets back, and…
Nothing. No follow-up, no official tally, and (most importantly to any of you that have been following my Task adventures, I’m sure) no mention of what those penalties cost me!
Yeah, so, I’ve been a bit distracted.  He got back, we launched right into the Lewbari weekend, and all week I’ve been scrambling to get ready for the cruise. He and I haven’t even had time to tally things up or discuss them.
But okay, I had some time this morning (been up since 2:30 am) so I thought I’d at least get the list out there, see where we stand, and what my total penalties are. Next week, we’ll be on the our cruise, but when I get back, I fully anticipate that I’ll be expected to pay up, and you all will probably get to hear about it! 😉 Meanwhile, while I am baking in the sun and enjoying some kinky fun on our cruise, feel free to post suggestions here for what you think the cost of my penalties should be. W would love to hear them!
Sex and Blood –  Status: Complete  Penalties: 0
ChoicesStatus: Complete  Penalties: 0
High Heel Sex Log – Status: Incomplete   Penalties: ?
LabeledStatus: Complete   Penalties: 0
Conversation Status: Complete   Penalties: 0
Glass Chime Status: Complete   Penalties: 8
Panty Pee Status: Complete   Penalties: 0
Hold ItStatus: Complete   Penalties: 0
Hair BrushStatus: Complete   Penalties: 0
Ad – Status: Incomplete Penalties: 1
Work from Home  – Status: Complete.   Penalties: 55
Brain or Brawn Status: Complete   Penalties: 0
Coat Tales Status: Complete   Penalties: 0
Stranger Fiction – Status: Incomplete (not attempted) Penalties: 1
Public O – Car Status: Complete  Penalties: 0
Restaurant – Status: Incomplete (not attempted) Penalties: 1
Public Restroom – Status: Incomplete (not attempted) Penalties: 1
Store of My Choice – Status: Incomplete (not attempted) Penalties: 1
Workplace (replaced Sidewalk)Status: Complete  Penalties: 0
Total Penalties: 3
Wet Status: Complete  Penalties: 13 mins & 1 day overdue
Make Hard Status: Complete  Penalties: 0 Bonus: 1
Thunder Status: Incomplete Penalties: 0
Rope purchase Status: Complete  Penalties: 0
Multiple O Status: Complete  Penalties: 0
Ten Things Status: Complete Penalties: 0 BONUS? (I think I deserve one for being such a multi-tasker!)
Squat – Status: Incomplete (did not attempt) Penalties: ?
Total Tasks: 22
Total Completed: 18
Total Incomplete: 7
Total Penalties, All Tasks:  84-ish

7 thoughts on “An Accounting

    1. I’m afraid I don’t recall what that suggestion was! Of course I want him to see them all…he makes the decisions to use the suggestions or not, after all. 😉

  1. I think you did quite well! I’m also not good with numbers and I think the score is finally not so importent here, right? Anyway – you collected some penalty points and we would love to see you suffering and get punishment therefor.
    Here is my suggesten which I’ve proposed to you earliet: Get naked. leave high heels on. sit on a chair. Lock your akles to the chair so your legs are spread open. take at least 10 drops of hot chilie oil on your fingers and massage it onto your clitoris and into your labia lips. Than fold your arms behind your back and sit still and upright for 20 minutes.
    After that go on your knees and  masturbate with a dildo till climax.

    1. Hi there…thanks (!?!) for the suggestion. I will be sure that W sees it. And we will see what he chooses to do for my “reckoning” as he called it last night, now that we are back from our fun in the sun!

  2. I hope you’re enjoying your trip. I miss your updates and look forward to hearing all about it.
    A quiet fan.
    P.S. I think the chili oil is over the top. Ouch. However, I was thinking that a glass dildo that has been sitting in an ice water solution would be a wonderful salve to a hot chili pussy. I love it when my Master rubs ice on my hot aching lips.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I love my “quiet fans!” 🙂
      And yes, I think chili oil is NOT in my future. Tho he did use Ben Gay on me one time (trying to recall if I ever wrote about that here!) OMG it was HOT but…hot yummy too. So, I guess we will see what my oh-so-sweet Owner comes up with for my penalty. lol
      I hope to have time to update on my adventures soon, and to write a review of the trip!

  3. Well, let me help you out 😉
    On march 28 I proposed:
    My tender idea:
    Write a small catalogue of (both corporal and non-corproal; especially creative) punishment measures. Add your own experiences with, and assessment of the effectiveness of, each item. Open up a possibility for Dominants to add punishment measures, and for other submissives to add their experiences and assessments.
    Publish the thing on your site or some other forum easily accessible to submissives as well as – certainly no less important – Doms. Announce its availability widely, through your site as well as through e.g. Fetlife.
    Enjoy and bear it!

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