Wanton Wednesday – Flesh & Metal

I know this picture is oddly distorted, but it was hard to get the full effect of the metal bra while I was sucking him off.  Still, there is something that appeals to me in it…the shiny metal bra, drawn so tightly against my flesh as I strain to get him in my mouth; the dark thrust of his cock against my own pale skin.
This, by the way, was the precursor to the basement post I made yesterday.

Go check out all the wantonness at the link below!

6 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Flesh & Metal

  1. Jade! – that looks soo good!
    Have you ever thought about a “clit collar”?! This would probably suit you pretty well…

  2. Thanks all for your comments! I am hoping that W and I can figure a way to make this bra something I can wear to work in the winter occasionally. 🙂
    Soom–I don’t know what a “clit collar” is. Do you have a link to something I can show W? (Or maybe he knows. I’ll have to ask him.)

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