Sinful Sunday – Shoe…Addiction? Possibly…

So my daughter may have as severe an addiction to appreciation for high heels as I do. In fact, she’s starting much younger than I did, and pretty much jumped in the deep – or should I say steep – end from the start. Once she got rid of her height-challenged boyfriend that hated her to wear heels, she embraced her high heel addiction love fearlessly. And we’re not talking puny 3 or 4 inch heels. My 5’9″ daughter rocks the 5 inchers with the best of them.
Unfortunately the Boychild has less understanding of this…hobby…of ours.
A recent conversation at the dinner table went something like this:
The Missy: My shoes came in, Momma! They are smokin‘!
Me: Cool! What are they like?
Missy: (describes)
The Boychild: Okay wait, didn’t you just get a pair of shoes last week?  What do you need another pair for??
The Missy and I look at each other. Duh!
Missy: I have, like, 15 pair of shoes.
Boy: Fifteen! Why does anyone need fifteen pairs of shoes?!?
She and I look at each other again.
Missy: You’ve never seen Mom’s shoe collection, have you, Little Brother?
Boychild glances down the hallway, towards my room, where I keep most of my “normal” shoes, my boots, my runners, my “low” heels (3-4 inches) and a couple pair of “emergency” slut heels. (Cuz you never know.)
Boy (uncertainly): Um, yeah…
Missy: No, I mean her real collection. The one she has at W’s…
She goes on to describe what may seem like an exorbitant amount of shoes. The Boy goggles. And shakes his head. And snorts.
Finally he says: What do you need all those shoes for?  What do you do with all those shoes?????
And I sit there with images in my head of what I do DO with all those shoes.
And that, as W says, is just a start.
Nope, I don’t think I will enlighten the Boychild on this one.
And…possibly not the Missy either.  😉

Hope you all have had a very Sinful Sunday!
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16 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Shoe…Addiction? Possibly…

  1. I have just the one pair of heels that I’ll photograph with, not walk in, as much as one Dom tried to change that. You carry off heels so well, it’s like an art form 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  2. LOL well, I am not a shoe person, and normally can’t understand the addiction (whoops, ‘love’) – but I make an exception in your case, Jade – you know exactly when and how they should be worn 🙂

  3. I’m not a heels kind of person but you my dear truly seem to be pulling it off extremely well. It’s so erotic to watch the different pictures flash by with a new pair on in each one. Well done indeed and keep on having your addiction.
    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. I love shoes toooooooooo….. I know, you are shocked right? 😉
    I was just thinking the other day that I have not bought any in a while and I need a new pair. What for… just cause and seeing your pictures has made me even more determined to make them a red pair.
    Oh and that picture of you kneeling tied to the table in that pencil skirt is so amazingly sexy.

    1. Yeah the stocks are a W one-of-a-kind. He makes them himself! I think that he was actually trying the size out on that one that time, to see if I could slip it off my wrists (I am fairly small-boned.) I couldn’t. (grin)

  5. What a beautiful collection of shoes! The red heels are my favourites – there are not many things more sexy than red stilettos hey! My own shoe addiction is something very recent – I didn’t pay much attention to wearing them until…I met someone who does. Suddenly they’ve become a vehicle of seduction; something that brings me closer to him, makes me remember him; as well as a sexual fetish in its own right. Mind is the strangest thing!

  6. I guess MIss Smilla hits the bull’s eye: it fundamentally is not about shoes at all.
    That is something your boy will learn at some stage – if not from you, than in other ways. :-))

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