Detritus from the Last Night

I know this isn’t your usual sexy Sinful Sunday image (Sinful Sunday – it’s all about the image!) but hell, it’s weirdly sexy to me, even if there was no sex involved. To have my two men’s complete focus and attention, to hear them planning and conniving and plotting against me, to feel their hands on my body, in my hair, as I quivered and shook in the aftermath of one implement or another…

Yeah, that’s HOT. To me, at least.

The pictures tell a story, too, one that my body will be reminding me of for several days to come.

Usually the “them” number represents both their totals added together, but one time, some time ago, I had separated them out: thus the “Adam” total at the bottom. They’ve been on the board for awhile though (Sir had dispatched his right away) but last night Adam finally agreed to do them: he used them as a warm-up to the rest of the night’s debauchery, giving me a sound hand spanking to start.

It all started with the “Whack Board,” the accounting system we have developed to keep track of how many points – or whacks – I have racked up in the various games we play: bowling, cribbage, pass the pigs and the like.

“Their” points represent the point spread between the winner and myself. “My Win” means the times I have won – those point spreads are doubled, because they like to push my competitive button. “Will she lose deliberately to save her (literal) ass? Or is she so competitive that racking up more Whack Board points won’t matter?” (I think you can guess the answer to that one.) They are also my choice of implement, yet another Jade mind-fuckery, because I don’t like to make decisions.

Tonight we decided to clear the board of only my points. Or I should say, they decided.

Me: ~bounce-bounce-bounce~ “Let’s do them all!”

Them: “It’s been months since you’ve played hard. We’re not sure your baby butt can stand up to 1700+ whacks.”

So we only did nine-hundred-fifty-seven.


Okay, maybe they were right.

As I said, normally I would have to pick the implement for each whack increment (this may be why they had not been cleared for so long.) But I had put forth an alternative since we were going to a play party to make it a game: we would use a spinner to determine the tool used. (See? No decision-making on my part.) Each spin equaled 25 whacks with whichever implement it landed on. The ones in black are my choices, the ones in red are Sir’s, and the ones in green are Adam’s. They each got to use their own choices and traded off for mine.

Prior to play we sat up at the bar and invited people to spin it and I wrote down each one on this board: 38 spins at 25 each: 950 total!

And then it was game on.

Honestly, though I tried to keep count/track in my head, soon I didn’t even know which one was being used. Except for two: Adam’s car antenna (the hard rubber cover off an actual car antenna), which is particularly brutal, and Sir’s belt. There’s just no mistaking the feel and sound of that particular implement. The rest were a blur. I floated into subspace and woke humming along to whatever song was playing (I’d really like to try my own music in my ears some time) when something hit particularly hard. I hollered and growled and whimpered and laughed. I practiced breathing when I could remember to, gasped for air when I couldn’t. Sir’s hand in my hair, his voice in my ear, gentling me, calmed me when I thought I couldn’t keep on. Adam’s hand stroking the tender skin on my ass made me shiver.

And then it was done.

Adam finished the game out nicely with his hand again: seven butt punches and hand spankings.

I was so high at the end I’m not sure I was even coherent.

Here’s some of the results this morning (because I know you wanna see!) And the pictures really don’t do it justice!

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