Wanton Wednesday – Another View

A different view of what happened in the basement in this post (referred to in my post from Monday.)
As you can see, there are certainly benefits to being tied up in W’s basement. 😉

Another View of the Basement Predicament
Is that pleasure or pain on my face?

Another View: 2
Pleasure, I think.

I just saw that it’s Wanton Wednesday’s 2nd Anniversary! Hard to believe we’ve been being wanton for all this time…
If you’ve been on the fence about joining in the fun, it’s the perfect time to do so! 🙂

For more Wantonness, click on the link below.

Wanton Wednesday

5 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Another View

  1. That basement is almost a little TOO perfect! If I were into the fear and being pushed to do icky things, that would be perfect/awful for me. Same with my own basement.

  2. I love that image of his hand shoved between your thighs…. as if checking to see if his slut was wet enough. Sooooo sexy.

  3. Lovely shots, and I would definitely bet on pleasure 😉
    I’m finding there’s a lot of fun to be found underground…
    ~Kazi xxx

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