Post-Surgery Play & Other Miscellaneous Nonsense

So, per W, I am working on a “thoughtful” post (as opposed to, you know, x-rated pics) that I swear is gonna be posted by this weekend. I also have a Friday Favorites post that I am almost done with for later this afternoon or evening, featuring writing instead of pics this time.  Meanwhile, though, I thought I’d catch ya’ll up on what’s doing in my life, since I’ve been a bit quiet.
So yeah, a minor surgery occurred last week, and I’ve been recuperating. It’s all good (in fact it was a surgery that I wanted), but the recovery has been a bit harder than I expected. As always. Finally though, one week+a day, I was going STIR CRAZY.
“Please,” I said, “can we play? I’m good, you know, from here,” pointing to just below my breasts, “to here,” pointing to the top of my head.  “And from here,” pointing to just above my knees, “to here,” pointing to my feet. “Oh, and my ass.” A pause.  “And my pussy. My pussy is good.”
Leaves lots of room for a creative Top to do something, right?
He laughed, and obliged.

And yes, my pussy is good.  Also, I have a feeling my nipples are gonna be tender this month.
Regarding surgery and my physical condition and play and such, I was online with my friend from Seattle the other night when I couldn’t sleep. What with the physical issues and work stress and not-being-able-to-get-beat-up-and-wanna-gnaw-my-arm-off-because-of-it stress and two events to plan for stress and and and…well, my sleep schedule has been destroyed. I finally resorted to sleeping pills the other night, but even that didn’t keep me completely under all night, because the discomfort from the surgery just won’t let me rest well. So I was up, and we chatted a bit, and something he said resonated with me (as it so often does.)
He (not jokingly) said I should try masturbation as a sleep aide. I laughed, but that actually is a go-to for me, and I had already tried it that night, as a matter of fact. (It hadn’t worked.) But it was when he talked about the why of masturbating when I can’t turn my head off, that I started making connections. What he talked about was the idea of rooting oneself in one’s body in order to turn off the head (I am paraphrasing, and I am sure doing a poor job of it.) But that is exactly what I do to “escape my head” when I run. When I garden. When I do BDSM. When I masturbate or have really good sex. When I find that really good place of focus in yoga during a challenging pose.  It turns my brain off and allows me to reset.
It doesn’t work to read, or watch TV, or write. Listening to a book seems to work (because it is passive, as opposed to reading?) Oddly enough, crochet is not quite enough, but listening to a book while crocheting does work.
What I realized the other night about why I have been so affected recently is that, because I was so debilitated physically by the surgery, and couldn’t escape my body, nor escape to it (as in BDSM or running or yoga or whatnot) I haven’t been able to find any relief, and thus: insomnia.
Anyway, just an interesting (to me) bit of noodling.
I’ve been listening to a pretty good book on tape lately. Not my usual genre (it’s a novel where there’s another world filled with Fae and magic just on the other side of ours, in which each side passes back and forth into the other.) It’s called “Storm Born,” by Richelle Mead, in case you are curious.  Anyway, I have been interested to note how much BDSM – the “vanilla” type – is in this book. It has a lot of sexual tension and outright sex in it, without being erotica, and the author is pretty explicit about one or the other partner being dominant or submitting, about the fine line between pleasure and pleasurable pain, and there’s even a scene in which the main character gets tied up. For non-sexual purposes, but there is plenty of suggestion and innuendo that it could be a sex act, if she wanted it to be.  The author even went so far as to describe a chest harness, without actually calling it that, and mentioning the “decorative” tie that he did. Interesting how mainstream all this is getting.  Just as writers have always done, they are using fantasy and science fiction to discuss topics that otherwise “mainstream” fiction can’t handle or deal with. Make it fantasy, then it’s all okay.
I’ll be curious to see if she ends up taking it as far as Laurel K. Hamilton did with her vampire stories.
Lastly my yoga instructor introduced us to Yin yoga last night. As interesting as the rest of the class was, what struck me was when she was talking about acupuncture. She told how she has had it done, and that the idea, of piercing the skin, is to allow release or movement of energy throughout the body so that it can start healing itself.
I’ve been thinking about hooks a bit lately, because Ad and I were talking about possibly participating in a group hook/energy pull at Twisted Tryst in June. We had done it a couple years ago at Kinky Kollege, and loved it (he didn’t get hooked, but said he might this time.)  Unfortunately the hook pull is Saturday evening/night, and while I would love to participate, I have a feeling I will want play time with the guys that night (ie: get the hell beat outta me or some other deliriously wrong thing) and doing a pull would probably not be conducive to that.  But when my yoga instructor talked about the release that piercing the skin provides in acupuncture, it suddenly clarified/explained that feeling that I had had (and described so inadequately in the post referenced above) when the piercer pushed the hooks through at the pull at Kinky Kollege.
I don’t know anything about chakras, where they’re located or where the energy lines, or meridians, actually are in the body, but she talks a lot about opening up the chest and the heart chakra in poses such as the sun salutation and others, and I can feel that happening, actually feel my heart opening up. I believe that the emotional response I had to the piercing of the hooks in chest had something to do with that. They opened me up, opened up my heart, and what I felt was the release.
Lovely, that.
Okay…that’s all for now. Watch for a Friday Favorites post later today.

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  1. I’m glad my suggestion was helpful. It’s something I’ve learned about myself and with Jena. I think it has to do with the feeling part rather than the thinking part of you. Too much thinking for some people is dangerous: as I put it you get “lost in your head”.
    So activities that draw your center of awareness out of your head down into your body help ground and center you.

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