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For the first time in a I don’t how long I am feeling…relaxed. Content. Not stir crazy or in pain or sure that nothing is ever going to be “normal” again. The heat at work is off (or at least manageable), the physical situation has eased to the point where it’s not a constant misery (it’s manageable), I got some good schtupping at W’s and perhaps more importantly some good talk, I got some writing done for the blog and started organizing a packing/task list for the three upcoming events we’re going to.
Making lists/organizing shit always settles me. I guess I should add to this list “organizing.” Closets, cupboards, shelves, tasks, craft projects…it’s yet another way I “settle my head.”
The weekend was largely uneventful, except for the fact that I didn’t work at all.  At all. I didn’t even think about work.  That’s definitely a marker for how much better I am doing there.  Consequently, it made the weekend feel looonggg, which was lovely.
Friday night I went over to W’s and we had a picnic in bed, then (~gasp~) went to bed early. We were both low energy, but it wasn’t a bad, oh-my-god-I’m-exhausted low energy. It was just, “Hey, let’s relax…let’s curl up in bed…okay, let’s sleep,” low energy. We got up (later than intended) Saturday and first went scouting for a location for the letter B for the Alphabet Challenge…
Oh wait, unless you are on Fetlife and following my posts, you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll post something later this week about the Alphabet Challenge.  Wouldn’t want to keep you all in the dark.
Anyway, after a successful scouting mission, and some discussion regarding the letter C, we went shopping down on Cherokee Street, poking around in junk and antique shops for awhile.  I have begun a search for a dress to convert into a “spanking dress” a la this picture:

so we spent some time at Goodwill and in a vintage clothing shop as well, which was much more fun (to me) than looking at old stuff in junk shops (I believe the opposite was true for W. Heh.) I did find a couple possibilities, but didn’t make a purchase, yet. I need to invite my friend Mj, who knows about sewing (I do not) out for lunch so she can check out the dress I was eyeballing and see if it’s even possible.
We also found a little sandwich/coffee shop there, and plan to revisit it one Work from Home day so W can peruse the antique stores while I work. I am looking forward to it very much!
After that we headed to the bead store, where I found a new box to organize my beads into for a new project. Yea, organizing shit really is good for me. 😉  And thence (after a hearty steak dinner) we headed home. It was a long, satisfying and enjoyable day, and actually an entirely new way to spend a day with W. I am not a big shopper, don’t do the whole mall thing (very often) but about once every six weeks I have a “shopping day.” Usually I do it alone, heading to places like Goodwill and bookshops, the mall sometimes for shoes, sometimes craft stores or little boutiques, occasionally the grocery or farmer’s markets, etc. I’ll stop for coffee or lunch, as the mood strikes, and sometimes go to a movie. I usually have one item in mind, or a couple, and the rest of the time is just…browsing time.  If I come away with a bargain, it’s a bonus. It was fun to share that time with W, who is a surprisingly good companion for that sort of thing. (I imagine it helped that he was looking for something(s) specific too.)
That night I took a long eucalyptus-infused soak in the tub to ease the day’s aches and pains away (I may have overdone it a bit physically, but I was having too good a time to end it) and then W suggested a “gentle” activity: sounds.  (If you are interested in my first experience with them read my piece on Eden Cafe: Sounds and Catheters.)
Yep, metal rods in my peehole.
Unfortunately it didn’t happen, due to unforeseen complications. 🙁 But that was okay – it is W’s concern for my health and well-being (not just bulling ahead because he wants to) that has allowed me to place as much trust in him as I do. He wants to fuck his plaything up, not damage her. 😀 At that point, I wanted to say, “Well, there are other things we can do, even if we can’t do that…” but W doesn’t change directions midstream so easily, so I left it alone, and instead we laid in bed and snuggled and talked.  It was one of our better talks, and I was almost glad that shoving metal rods in my peehole hadn’t worked out.
And later, there was the schtupping. Yumm.
Sunday was spent working on the aforementioned spreadsheet for our three (rapidly approaching) upcoming events: Tryst in early June, Fusion two weeks later, and Naughty in New Orleans in July. We also have our 2nd kinky swinger cruise in November, but I need to get through these three events first before even thinking about that one.  That was immensely satisfying, as Tryst takes a lot of coordination because we will be camping the whole weekend, and I was getting a little stressed about it.  Halfway through that project W decided to take advantage of the fact that I was there and could help him with a house project, and we worked together to fix a problem with one of his windows.  Surprisingly I found that almost as enjoyable as making lists. I like to help him in whatever capacity I can.
Eventually we got that wrapped up and then it was time for me to pick up the Boychild from his friend’s house, where he had stayed the weekend, and head home to Ad and the Missy for some family time. Late that evening, when we went to bed, I got to snuggle up to Ad, the first time that I haven’t been in too much pain to do so. I didn’t push my luck and initiate sex, as I was actually a little tender from sex with W (due to surgery, not force), but I wanted to – and let Ad know it.  “Soon,” we promised each other, and curled into each other’s arms to sleep.
And that was my weekend. How was yours?

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