Alphabet Challenge: A is for Archery

The other day I joined a group on Fetlife called Rope on the Run. Their description:

What is Rope on the Run – To me it’s the smash and grab of rope bondage, finding exciting locations, doing rope as we like to do it and then getting the hell out of there before Joe Public or the cops spoil our fun!
This group is dedicated to all the outdoor rope bondage lovers out there who like it a little risky, whether you are a rigger, rope bunny or photographer…..
It’s a place to share our love for bondage and the outdoors, expressing artistic talents using the breathtaking scenery that we have at our disposal. Or for the daring among us, mixing the thing we enjoy with beautiful landmarks such as monuments, castles, ruins, bridges etc…..
Feel free to share any photography tips, ideas on locations or anything that will be helpful.

I’ll share a little secret (and this will be important in a few minutes): W is not a “Rope on the Run” type of guy. Rope in the outdoors, where he could possibly be seen by “John Q Public” or harassed or arrested by the cops is not his idea of excitement. Public exhibitionism just isn’t one of those things that floats his boat, yanno?
So why in hell would I get involved with this group?? 
This is why:

The Alphabet Challenge

Each letter must relate to an outdoor location/object. eg. A – Angel of the North, airport etc. etc.
You will have 1 week to post rope photos for each letter.
Photos must be posted in alphabetical order. You can post as many as you wish for each letter. All pictures posted must be new, old pics already on your profile are not acceptable.
It can be basic bondage, DiD, covert, suspension etc etc and as daring as you like.
After the week is up we’ll move onto the next letter.
I realize some letters may prove a little difficult but that adds to the fun. Looking forward to seeing some interesting photos.
Please keep things safe and consensual, we always promote safety while rigging. This is a fun group so no photo is more important than your own safety… also avoiding being arrested when possible *smiles

Well…I love a challenge. I am also slightly broken physically for the next month or so, meaning no heavy or impact play, or even rope on certain areas of my body. But ya’ll know me by now: I go freakin’ batshit if I can’t get my fix. So…this seemed like a way to get my fix in a safe, non-violent (heh) way. I’m actually not much of a public exhibitionist myself (I know, you think I lie, but I’m being truthful) so it also pushes me (us) to find ways to complete the challenge without getting in trouble. 😉
Wouldn’t ya know, the first letter: we failed.
Oh, we didn’t fail to get the pics. In fact we got some great shots! But…well…we sorta got caught.  And told to “Come out from behind that tree where I can see you…!” And questioned about the “weapon” we had…
Okay, first the pics, then the story about the Park Ranger.

So. There we were in the park. I was tied to a tree, Ad was manning the bow and W was playing cameraman.
From a distance, I can imagine how it might have looked. And with all the craziness in the world today, shootings and murders and other crazy shit, who can blame the Park Ranger for checking up on us when he saw us from afar. “You can imagine what it looked like as I drove by!” he said later.
Also, there’s the small matter of having a weapon in the park. Guess that’s a no-no. We were right next to the Archery Range, though. “But I didn’t want to actually get shot,” I explained, seeing as how the local archery club was out in force.  He seemed to understand that.
“So this is all just for a picture?” he asked. We all nodded eagerly. “May I see the picture?” I looked at W. He looked at me. We both knew what was on the camera card: about 700 pictures of previous bondage sessions. Not the “pretend” kind like today’s fun and games.  If he turned the wheel wrong on the viewer…
But he didn’t. An innocuous picture came up of us staging “William Tell.”
The Park Ranger looked at the picture.  He looked at the rope and the tree and the bow and arrow.  He  looked around at us, one by one, shaking his head. “Well I ain’t never seen nothing like this,” he said, “but okay. You’re good to go.”
Poor W. He finally braves outdoor bondage and he gets caught! I wonder if I’ll manage to talk him to the rest of the alphabet…

2 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge: A is for Archery

  1. I don’t think you failed. The challenge did say “avoid being arrested” and you managed that quite well. Love the cross-eyed look at the apple with the arrow. I’m looking forward to more.

  2. Well done for getting the pictures (which look great)! I’ve always found that getting caught – or nearly caught – leaves me with really good blog stories, though .,..
    xx Dee

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