Alphabet Challenge – The Letter D

I fibbed just a bit, and decided to post this first, instead of the Picture Request I mentioned yesterday. There’s a really good reason for that, though: W is putting up a BondageDemons post that goes along with this particular Request. It has some images that were requested but that I do don’t quite feel comfortable posting here (too graphic even for me – I know, a shock!)  So I want to wait till he gets that posted so that (for all you pervs that do like those graphic pics) you’ll have access to them.
So…instead we have the much tamer – but still fun! – Alphabet Challenge for your perving pleasure.
And the Letter D is for…


This is actually the dome of the former St. Louis Insane Asylum.

The former St. Louis County Insane Asylum is a city landmark, situated on a hilltop that was open country when it was constructed. The city grew up around it during the subsequent decades, but its site on Arsenal Street is the highest point in the city, and its cast iron dome is still visible for miles. Today the main building is handsomely restored, having outlived a host of other, younger buildings on the site.

It has, of course, been renamed in our PC age, and is now the “St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center.”
We thought we’d be able to shoot from farther out, with the Dome in the distance, but with the trees in full leaf that proved too difficult, so we resorted to parking in the back of a nearby YMCA and doing the shoot right in the parking lot next to the building. I was pretty happy with the tie that W managed, even with people coming and going at the Y.

The back, showing the Reverse Prayer.

The fact that the Y is located directly across from a police station was also a bit of a concern…but we managed to avoid officers asking us questions this time. (Maybe because no one was pointing a bow and arrow at my head?)
We also had a bit of fun there (I know, a shock, right?), when I saw that there was a building there also in bondage.
I believe this would be considered non-consensual shed bondage.

We also got to play a bit at Laumeier Park a couple weeks before, and took this fun little pic. The sculpture is actually called “Ricardo Cat,” but I renamed it “Demon Cat” (because it looks demonic!) and voila! Another Letter D capture.
“Oh noes, I’m caught in the belly of the Demon Cat! Someone set me free! No wait, DON’T set me free. Come accost me! Yeah, that’s it…”

2 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge – The Letter D

  1. Before I read the blurb above the cat, I thought it might have been the doings of one the more artistically inclined “patients” at the Asylum….!

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