NiN and Our First Sex Club Adventure

We’re back!  Safe and sound, and in (mostly) good repair. 😉 The swingers didn’t manage to convert us to vanilla, but we didn’t do anything to corrupt any of them, either. 😉 We met some new people, ran into some old friends, did some dirty dancing and a lot of eating and drinking, enjoyed some sight-seeing, some Scavenger Hunting, a little Rope on the Run for the letter N (New Orleans – we had to!), had a lot of sex, I dressed slutty and W was the epitome of a sharp-dressed man.  We didn’t take many pictures but we did manage to make it to the sex floor this time – twice! I got kissed by girls (twice!) and felt up a few times by random men, but we didn’t have sex with anyone other than each other.  We also didn’t do any kink to speak of: the “dungeon” was a joke, and while the sex rooms were opulent and sexy and sensual and a voyeur’s and exhibitionist’s dream, we realized that swinger sex is just too…well, too damn tame for us.
And we’re a whole lot of too kinky for them, that’s for sure.
We ended up going down to NOLA earlier than we had originally planned, leaving Tuesday night and staying over in Memphis before driving the rest of the way Wednesday so that we could arrive in time for the Naughty in N’awlins parade down Bourbon Street, and that night’s party at the famous New Orleans sex club, Colette.  I’d hoped for an intense BDSM scene at the hotel (I think I mentioned my “brave new me” in asking for what I want) but we were both too tired by the time we got to Memphis to do more than crash. The next morning, I realized W was already in vanilla/swing/travel mode, so I asked again, and we had a bit of hot rope-and-sex (and yes, of course there were pictures of it – yumm!)
W really is in either vanilla or kink mode. I am just going to have to accept that when he’s in vanilla mode, if I want to play, I gotta ask for it, because he just won’t think of it. Sometimes he still doesn’t switch over, but at least there’s the possibility of doing something if I ask.  And I’m getting better at it all the time.
In a new game, while he had me tied on the bed while he fucked me, he told me I couldn’t make myself come. He said he wanted me horny and thinking about sex on the drive down. And it totally made me think about it (!), though since he had switched back to non-kink mode for the drive down, I don’t think he realized how well his plan had worked! LOL
We got checked into our hotel in time to head down to one of the private parties.  The hotel is right on Bourbon Street, but at the end near Canal, so it isn’t in the heart of all the noise and drunkenness, for which I was glad. The hotel is really nice, and kind of an oasis from the madness that is Bourbon Street, which was good for me too.  I’ve never been on Bourbon Street, and it was a little overwhelming!  And damn, but I wasn’t dressed nearly slutty enough for that crowd!  I also realized I am just not as much fun as some of those women. They can party! But we had a good time, and then we walked in the parade down to Colette. Later my friend Mj, who happened to be down in NOLA for a professional convention, said that the parade itself, and the swinger convention, was the talk of her colleagues at their cocktail party the next night.
It’s fun to be the talk of the town. 😉
We had a lot of fun at Colette. W had been there before, and knew what to expect.  I had been in a sex club before so I had some idea, but this was much wilder than what I had seen before.  Also, this time – as directed by W – I was an active participant.
He knows my triggers so well – and his own.
After we had a chance to take in the scene downstairs a bit (bar, social area and dance floor) he took me upstairs and right into the “porn room,” where people were already fucking and sucking on the couches in front of the big screen porn movie.  He ordered me to my knees so I could blow him, and then he bent me over the end of a couch where two other couples were having sex and fucked me from behind, encouraging a guy that was watching us to feel me up while he did so. It was surreal to have him fucking me and hear them introducing themselves above me, and W treating me like a commodity: “Sure, grab her tits. She’s got some nice ones.  She’s a good little fuck.”
It was pretty freaking hot.  When he let me up I sat on the floor and licked him clean (Him: “You know what to do,”) then zipped him up while three or four men looked on. I stayed on the floor like that for a few minutes, loving the feel of being at his feet, discombobulated, a creature of sexual service and nothing more, while the men stood around and talked. For the first time I wondered if we might actually be able to mix our kink with this scene.
Next we headed over to a hallway where there was a two way window and you could watch people having sex on the massive bed inside. He decided to give the voyeurs another option than the window, and, holding me standing against him, finger-fucked me to multiple orgasms right there in the hallway. I recall opening my eyes at one point and seeing rows of feet & shoes ringing us as people watched. I couldn’t bring myself to look up into their faces, tho W did tell me that one particular pair of women hadn’t been able to take their eyes off us the whole time – one of whom was a woman that had leaned down and kissed me in the theater after I had complemented her on her shoes.
Then it was back downstairs, where we chatted with a guy whose girlfriend or wife was showing off her hood piercing. He asked me if I’d ever seen anything like it. Yeah, well, you know I couldn’t resist, and soon he was staring open-mouthed at my pierced cooch, and waving people over to look at it. I think mine were a bit much for most of them, and his wife/girlfriend was decidedly cool to me after, though he mentioned wanting to touch them several times during the course of the evening.  I was glad that W didn’t hear him asking to touch them though, because I really didn’t want to go there with him. W had a lot of fun though, grabbing, pinching and pulling on my piercings until I came right there on the barstool while our new friend looked on.  Him: “You’re doing that right here? Right now?”  Heh. Contrary to my earlier thoughts, that was my first clue that we might be a little much for some of this crowd.
I mentioned it to W the next day though, because while we understand our dynamic, of course, (he was in “Jade as fuckmeat” mode) and it’s a turn-on for he and I, I realized that it had confused the guy we were talking to (his gf was obviously very much the one in control in that relationship, as many swinger women seem to be, at least in regards to who gets to do what to whom.) We had some good discussion about that. I don’t want people to see him as domineering or an asshole, but I also don’t want to lose our dynamic either, because that is what turns us on.  But in certain instances – in the theater earlier, for instance – I could see that it turned on many of those men too. It’s kind of a dichotomy, I think. The women are in control (and often the instigators) of the sex play, but many (of the men, at least) seem very intrigued by, and turned on by, women like me. Women that want to be controlled, that they can use, that they see being used the way W uses me. W is very cautious not to make waves in that community by showing that side of ourselves (and himself) but I have a feeling that there would be a whole lot of those men that would get off on it. I am less certain of the women’s reactions in that situation, and maybe that is part of W’s (understandable) reluctance. The women that might be curious/excited by it would possibly be fewer/farther between, and he doesn’t want to ruin his chances by scaring off some potential playmates. Though, in my opinion – if they aren’t into this kind of play, then I’m not interested in them. I really have no interest in vanilla sex – unless W is making me do it, which, by definition is not vanilla sex. 😉 The guy with the hood-pierced gf is a prime example though of the sometimes contradictory situations this places us in. I could see he was intrigued by something unusual he sensed in our dynamic, but he was also uncomfortable about it, because he didn’t understand it and what he saw/sensed flew so directly opposition to what he knew about the swinger dynamic/his own dynamic. I didn’t want him to think ill of W in that situation, but I also didn’t want to encourage him (or encourage W to encourage him) because the very discomfort I sensed in him (I believe there was a submissiveness in him) was unappealing to me.
So, it’s a bit of a conundrum, but one that conventions like this are allowing us to feel out, explore, and discuss, as we figure out what works for and what doesn’t.
As I said, W knows my triggers and his own, and we had hit on more than a couple there in the sex club.  By the time we got back to our room later that night, he was revved to go, as was I. He drug me into the room and pushed me to the floor.
Me: “I have to pee.”
Him: “No. Drink mine first.”
Me: “No!” Even as my cunt twitched.
Him: “Either do it first, now, or while you’re on the toilet. Your choice.”
I took him in my mouth and drank his piss while I voided my own drinks into the toilet. When I gagged, he pulled out of my mouth and pissed all over my cunt as I sat there. It was nasty, and wrong, and warm and sensual all at the same time, and I loved him for making me his piss whore.
Then he drug me into the bedroom and fucked me senseless.
And that was our first official swinger sex party.

2 thoughts on “NiN and Our First Sex Club Adventure

  1. I think you nailed the female led swinger dynamic. Even years ago at Hedo every time we were approached it was a woman that started the conversation and typically it was with the Blonde. Or maybe it’s just I’m the ugly fucker with the pretty girl.

    1. I found your post while searching for bdsm in New Orleans and loved the way you write and the way your mind works. I’m part of d/sub couple and can relate to your experiences. I also feel we’re more ‘out there’ than most and have had some pretty wild things in clubs and elsewhere. Now I find myself on my own in New Orleans and inspired by your blog I think I might check out Colette tonight. Keep writing!

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