Wicked Wednesday – Anal August

Since this Wednesday is the first of August, I have a special post. This August, as I hinted at here, W has dubbed “Anal August” and has written up some Rules and Protocols for the month, all having to do with – you guessed it – my ass. These procedures are all in the interests of achieving the goal of me getting my ass fisted one day, as I said I wanted to on my Kinky Bucket List. Whether or not we ever achieve that goal is really immaterial – it’s the getting there that’s the fun part! 😉
Or ouchie part. We’ll see.
Following are the procedures he sent to me. He directed me to post them here and to invite suggestions – and, if there are any local women out there that might be interested in helping to fulfill a couple of them, since that’s not something he has the right equipment for, feel free to send a note his way. You can use the Picture Request Form or, if you are on Fetlife, send him a note there. You can find his profile listed on mine.
Anal August Specifications and Policies

  • The standard Njoy butt plug must be worn a minimum of four hours per day. Medical necessity or prudence is the only exception to this policy.
  • A butt plug must be worn to work on at least five occasions.
  • A butt plug must be worn on an evening date on at least two occasions.
  • The Njoy plug should be worn for successively longer periods to determine a practical norm. The goal for this should be 8 – 10 hours without removal.A maximum wearing duration for the Njoy plug should be recorded.
  • The Njoy plug should be worn during at least one exercise session.
  • The Njoy plug should be worn for at least one hike.
  • At least once per week a succession of larger plugs shall be inserted with the objective of achieving long term wear capability for the largest size.
  • An objective of wearing the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 at least six hours in a public venue.
  • An inflatable plug will be used with the objective of gentle stretching.
  • An inflatable plug will be used with the objective of discomfort.
  • At least six non-plug insertables will be used anally.
  • A candle insertion will be made. The candle will be lit.
  • An ass hook will be used.
  • Anal beads will be used during and without vaginal sex.
  • Anal vibration will be investigated.
  • During public outings at least five non-partners will be made aware that you are plugged.
  • Anal penetration is available during any sexual encounter for the entire month. This includes sexual penetration by strangers.  Anal penetration may not be refused. (The operation need not be completed, but attempts must be allowed.)
  • W will complete anal penetration during each sexual encounter in August.
  • Ad is encouraged to complete anal penetration during each sexual encounter in August.
  • Anal stretching exercises will be in effect all month.  A single finger will be inserted randomly at any time. An objective for the end of the month is that four fingers be inserted up to the last knuckle.
  • Two handed anal stretching will be employed on at least two occasions.
  • Figging will be employed on at least two occasions. Freshly peeled, and seasoned.
  • At least three enemas will be administered. Hot water, cold water, and a non-water substance.
  • Be whipped on the asshole.

Available options if other females volunteer:

  • Have a strap-on used anally by another female.
  • Have a double anal dildo used by another female.

So there you have it!  And yes, today two objectives were met: I wore my Njoy and W fucked me in the ass this morning. 😀
Happy Anal August!

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13 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Anal August

  1. Wow! Good luck with all that… I’ll be rooting you on from here! If we didn’t live so far apart, I’d have been willing to help with the “female participatory” parts!
    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Whoa! That is awesome! Even reading that list made me hot! I love the idea of a policy list which must be adhered to. Crush won’t do anal, but perhaps I can adapt this for something else for us!
    Good luck and have buckets of fun!

    1. Yeah that is one of the things that I LOVED about this idea. he thought of it and started talking about it one day, and then sent me over this list. I was like, “Whoa! A list of RULES?” Yippee!” Just the fact of the list was enough for me! Ha.

  3. Happy Anal August! I can’t wait to read how it goes. There are a few on the list, I would love to try. You might have tried it, but for the non-water enema, coffee is a favorite one of mine. Have fun!

    1. I would never have thought about coffee – caffeine already makes me jittery as hell! What does it do?
      I actually have no idea what *he* has in mind for that one. I have an alcohol enema on my Kinky Bucket List, but he is pretty cautious about that one, so I don’t think he’d do it w/o someone more experienced assisting. So..not sure what’s in his evil brain. I do know that cold water one makes me cramp up just thinking about it!

  4. Oh Jade, what a request! I can’t wait to watch you going through this…
    And finally there will be some figging action too. Great! I’m really excited how this will turn out for you.
    Best regards,

  5. Oh now I love all this!!!
    I can be anally fisted provided that I am turned on enough and relaxed enough.
    For me relaxation and the right level of sexual excitement is the key to a successful anal fisting.
    Oh yes and LOADS of lube!!!!
    Enjoy and have lots of fun!!
    ~Mia~ xx

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