Wicked Wednesday – Letting Myself off the “Hook”

I had another post all ready to go for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, but last night, after a particularly interesting solo play session, and in light of the fact that it is Anal August, I figured this picture/text would be more timely.
One of the Specifications of the month is to wear my Njoy at least 4 hours/day, barring medical issues. I’ve been doing well, wearing it daily, and when I am able (an unexpected medical issue early in the month prevented some adherence to the rule) wearing it for the required time. Yesterday was the exception.
I was home alone all day yesterday, and I could have worn it for the required time. In fact I probably could have worn it for longer. But…I was lazy.  And there was no one here to Boss me about, or praise me for doing it (yeah I’m one of those – always need someone telling me I’ve done well) so I put it off and put it off, until about 8:15 pm, when, regardless of the fact that no one had checked up on me, my own sense of responsibility prodded me to do what I was supposed to do, and insert the damn thing.
Which meant that I had to stay awake till past midnight to get in the required time (something I do regularly, but with a 5:30 am wake time, can cause me to be tired and cranky the next day.)
At about 10:30 W and I exchanged emails. I told him about the late Njoy insertion, and playfully complained about having to stay up. “Take it out and go to bed,” was his pragmatic response. “You can make up the time another day.”
This was not the response I was looking for. First of all, it was my own fault I had to stay up late to make up the time.  I shouldn’t get let off the hook for lack of preparedness on my part. Secondly…well, if it had been me on the top end, I’d have devised a way to make it fun and/or a challenge/funishment. (Yeah, you probably don’t ever want to see me as a Top. I may suck at the physical/beating up part, but the mental games part? Watch out.)
So…I Topped myself.
“Okay, Jade,” I told myself. “You can take it out early, but only if you find a non-anal toy and fuck yourself with it (thus completing a different specification from the list.) And take a picture of it. And post it in your blog, along with the story of how you failed to complete your daily requirement because you were too lazy to do so.” (Oh I’m a mean one, aren’t I?)
I don’t know if this will mitigate me having to make up the 90 minutes I didn’t get to log with the Njoy in, but at least it was a fun way to “get out of” staying up till midnight to make sure I got my time in!
(Check out this post to see what the Hook is all about.)

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6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Letting Myself off the “Hook”

  1. Sometimes I too want to top myself when I get a different response from what I expected. I have never done so, but who knows what might happen in future 😉
    Nice post!
    Rebel xox

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