In which the Missy does her part to spread poly goodness to the vanilla masses. Or at least her Stepmom’s friends.

The Missy and I had dinner last night after she and I went to get her industrial piercing. Which, btw, looks awesome. And during which the subject of my own piercings never came up (I took her to Courtney at Cheap Trx, who did all mine.) Anyway, while eating yummy tapas, we talked about her upcoming 21st bday plans.
It’s a year from now, but her father and stepmom have already made plans to take her to Beale Street in Memphis. And she has decided that she wants me, Ad & W to come.
“It’s my birthday, and I want you all there,” she said.
At dinner the other night with the Stepmom, as well as two of Stepmom’s friends that are also Missy’s friends, the Missy told her that she had invited us, and we’re probably coming. Stepmom nodded absently, then said, “Wait. Is she bringing them both?”
“If they both want to come,” daughter said.
Both friends were instantly, avidly curious. “What? What “them”? What are you talking about?”
At this point in the Missy’s story, she says she hadn’t realized that they didn’t know. “It’s so…normal to me,” she told me. “I don’t even think about it being different anymore. So when they asked I just answered ‘Moms two boyfriends’. And OMG did the questions start flying then.”
So she explained to them what poly is, and how it works for us, and why.
She’s pretty fucking awesome.
Oh, and when the Stepmom said, “Well, this could be interesting,” in reference to the birthday party, the Missy just said, “I don’t know why. It’s Momma and me who are the crazy ones. The Guys just supervise.”
Oh, and also, when the Stepmom was a little touchy about it all, the daughter said, “This is my 21st birthday. It’s a pretty important one, and I want ALL my family there to celebrate: you, dad, mom, and her partners. You’ve got a year to get used to the idea.” Love that girl!
This post was brought to you by the power of my Android phone app, btw. Who needs a laptop?!? (Me. Whimper.)
Oh, and one last data point for the Mad Scientist regarding Anal August today: apparently buttplugs and tampons are not compatible. At least for my body.

4 thoughts on “In which the Missy does her part to spread poly goodness to the vanilla masses. Or at least her Stepmom’s friends.

  1. Thank you for this. It is a beautiful thing to see something like this going well like that.
    And your daughter deserves very high praise indeed. She’s a real grown-up: something there are sadly too few of in this world.
    I hope everyone has a great time but most of all, her. Because, it is her day.

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