Our Great Katy Trail Adventure

Well, we’re back from our Great Katy Trail Adventure!  It was quite a trip, let me tell you. Forty-two miles the first day (forty-four if you count the two miles to the trail head from Jefferson City) and thirty-four point five the next.  I kinda thought we might die, right around mile fifteen the second day. But we persevered and lived to tell of our triumph over the trail!
And to have a beer to celebrate.
It was a gorgeous trip. There’s nothing like seeing the countryside from afoot or on a bike (or on horseback.) The weather could not have been better and, even with realizing that maybe we’d bit off maybe a few too many miles for a first long-distance ride, it was really planned out well (yes I am patting myself on the back.)  We had loads of fun though, in spite of sore muscles and tushies and being tired unto death the next day.  We even managed a few ropey-and-scavenger pics, as well as (amazingly) some vanilla ones. (I know, a shock, right?)
Wait, here, I’ll prove it:

Day 1: We’re ready!

Time check! (That’s my red bike that Ad’s holding!)

The view of the state capitol from the bike and pedestrian bridge over the Missouri River.

My Biker Boys.

First stop, Tebbets.

Our fantabulous room in McKittrick at the end of our first day. It was the top floor of a place called the Mercantile.

I think we felt like we’d landed in heaven as we got off the trail and had a beer and dinner in McKittrick, our stopover for the first night. There are about…oh…10 people that actually live in the “town,” if that.  But it is right across from Hermann, a well-known winery town, and we had plans to go to Hermann to celebrate by birthday at one of the wineries that night. Unfortunately none of us were up for wining and dining after our 42-mile trek! Apparently we didn’t realize quite how hard 42 miles was going to be.  So we ended up eating dinner at the Mercantile, which was pretty darn good, having a beer…and crashing. There was some talk of a birthday spanking…and W managed to mess with me a bit before we fell asleep, but none of us were in any shape to take advantage of all that beautiful space, more’s-the-pity. Maybe we’ll go back some day and have a delayed winery celebration. Who knows?
I did enjoy, however, leaving the extra futon made up and obviously not slept in the next morning.  When I had made the reservation and told her there were three of us, Joey, the proprietor, had offered the futon to us. “No, we won’t need it,” I said. She sounded confused, and apparently didn’t believe me, because it was set up for us when we got there. I just took one of the pillows from the futon and brought it up to the bed we shared.
And though I know it isn’t “nice,” I also enjoyed watching her trying to figure us out (which one is she with?) looking back and forth between us all at dinner and at breakfast the next day.  I didn’t make it easy on her either, being my usual warm self towards both of them equally. I wasn’t trying to shock her, I just wanted to be us and act normal. I should be able to be with my Guys and not feel like I have to hide my affection for them. So I didn’t. That doesn’t mean I was kissing all over them or going down on them, but a hand squeeze, a hand on a shoulder, a kiss on the cheek or a gentle touch are all acceptable in any situation.  Or should be. And, for the most part, I didn’t feel too eyeballed by them.  I think they may have just been genuinely curious.  So bravo to them for taking it in stride. (Of course if they refuse us next time we want to stay there, we’ll know why. LOL)
Day 2: Bath time in the lovely clawfoot tub before heading out again.

Yummy breakfast downstairs at the Mercantile, as we ponder the next leg of our trip: 34.5 miles. Yikes!

Unfortunately I don’t have any vanilla pics of the second day. We were all exhausted, and any energy we expended for pictures I wanted to be for rope on the run and scavenger pics, of which we took several. So you’ll get to see those at a later time.  we did manage one at the end though, just to prove me made it!
And the end of the trail: we made it! Celebrating in Augusta at the end of the ride.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

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  1. Well done the three of you! 42 miles can feel a very long way can’t it!! And I am amazed, Jade, that you could contemplate any form of spanking after all that time in the saddle !!! Hmm, I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me!

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