This morning I sat on the edge of his bed and leaned over as he pulled my face toward him. I rubbed my face against the silky bulge of his cock inside his boxers, having missed this particular ritual while I was gone. Not only this, of course, but I let myself revel in it for that moment.

“I missed you,” I said playfully to that part of his anatomy, and looked up to grin at him. “And the rest of you.”

I had an absolutely amazing time with Ad while we were away, good food, interesting and exciting excursions, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, as well as great sex with Adam for Adam, with Adam for Sir, and with myself for Sir. And I certainly wasn’t glad to be back in Missouri. But oh how happy I was to be back with my Sir.

He had picked Adam and I up from the airport the night before, and stayed for a homecoming dinner that my son had made. At one point I’d asked K to come upstairs with me for something (probably some excuse so I could have him alone for a moment, to properly greet him, to get a full-body hug, to tell him with my body as well as my eyes how much I’d missed him.)

Apparently something of that ilk was also in his mind, because we had barely walked into the bedroom when he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me first toward him (“oh, hugs!” I thought) but then he pushed me towards the end of the bed, bending me over. I flashed a startled look over my shoulder at him.

“You still owe me an orgasm,” he said.

I mentioned my orgasm task in this post and again in this one. I don’t have an actual scorecard (damn, I should have thought of that!) but, for the most part, I was able to complete this task as assigned.

Except once. One time, I can’t remember why, I was late. The rule was two orgasms a day – one before noon and one after. I had missed the noon deadline by a few minutes. His response: my next solo orgasm would be with fingers only (no Baldy.) And thinking of his cock in my mouth. That last was definitely not part of the “correction” – it was pure bonus. Even in my fantasizing I like to be told what to do.

Unfortunately, cumming with my fingers is not always easy, and the next time I tried I just could not get there. I needed him near me maybe, or his voice in my ear, to tip me over.

I confessed this to him afterwards. “Good girl for trying,” he said. “I will accept the attempt and I will get that orgasm from you when we’re together.”

I will not lie – that response turned me the fuck on. I just hadn’t expected him to get it from me within the first half hour of coming home. But oh, yeah, I love that he did. No questions, barely any words – just his fingers in my cunt and his words in my ear. “You’re going to cum for me, aren’t you?” And, “Cum for me, my Jade…”

And so I did. I was home, right where I wanted to be.

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