The AtoZ Challenge, Letters I & J

The above is an excerpt from a favorite Mary Oliver poem, which happens to be the impetus for the this week’s Revelations prompt, Joy. Where we find it, do we embrace it, how do we manifest in our own lives and the lives of others?

But first, some housekeeping, i.e., more favorite things from previous letters!

  • Daffodils. Yep, still on the flowers.
  • Flog (our monthly community play party here in the Lou.)
  • Buttsex (because I wasn’t explicit enough in the “all things ass” category.)
  • Fellatio and Blow Jobs (same as above, as pertains to the “cocksucking” category.)
  • Being called his “good girl.”
  • Gratitude.
  • Flagstaff (towering pines and jagged mountains and cold clear air above a dusty desert plain.)
  • All things Hypnosis (including The Hypnotist.) I really wanted to make this my entire “H” post, because there is just so much that I love about it, and him, and what we do and what he does to me, but the post I did make demanded to be written and shared, so there you are. Still, we may come back to this one at some point. Make that: we will certainly come back to it.
  • Biking. I have rediscovered my love for my bicycle! It’s been a long journey here, with me not riding much at all for the past three years or so, but I am back at it, and I am in love with my bike.
  • Eleven. (If you know you know.)

And now, on to the main event: my favorite I’s and J’s!

I is for…

  • Ice cream
  • Intelligence
  • Inductions
  • Imagination
  • Impact play
  • Being rendered inarticulate
  • Instructions (being given and following)
  • Ink (on my skin)
  • Icicles
  • Islands

J is for…

Well…I had an idea that I was going to use this week’s Revelations prompt as the seed for my favorite J things, because 1. I adore Mary Oliver, and 2. The saying “Don’t Postpone Joy” has always been my personal motto, so it dovetails nicely with the prompt and the poem. But then I asked Sir if I could have an orgasm this morning, and it involved two things on that “favorites” list up there: instructions (being given and following) and Eleven, which in turn produced yet another favorite J: a jaw-clenching orgasm. And suddenly my idea of posting images of joy from this year and talking about my motto became less important to me than describing the hot little masturbation session I just had. Because I am a salacious slutty slut for my Sir.

BUT…I had such fun finding and processing the pictures for the prompt, and seeing them again and reliving the memories gave me such ~JOY~ that I have decided to go ahead with my original idea after all.
(But (but) … Okay, here’s a completely superfluous and gratuitous image of Eleven giving me joy, just because. (See above, “Sir’s salacious slutty slut.”)

Onto the subject at hand (Jade get your mind out of the gutter and back on task…) I have always believed in looking for, and letting myself experience, the small joys of life: seeing a goldfinch at my bird feeder, watching a sunrise, snuggling up to my puppy, feeling the good tired after a strenuous hike, appreciating the sound of a lover’s laughter or hearing the just-right song playing at just-the-right moment on Spotify. Being present to those moments became even more important to me when I lost W so suddenly, but honestly I remember when I first ran across the “Don’t postpone joy” saying on a pin in my twenties, and I had to have it. I knew that was how I wanted to experience my world, and set out to make it a reality. I lost track of the pin, but have never lost track of that mentality, the understanding that life is short and can be taken from us at any time: give in to small moments of joy, because that may be all there is.

This is a snapshot of many of the small (and large) joys in my life. There are some obvious categories: the guys, my dog, hiking and biking, BDSM play, sexy time, board and card games (and the ways in which we often pervert them), nature, exercise, travel, creating, flowers, exploring, tarot, Van Morrison, food, laughter, love.

I am so very fortunate to have such an abundance of joy in my life – and so very grateful to have learned early on to appreciate them.

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