Baldy in the Wild

There’s a Scavenger Hunt location called “Your Name in the Wild,” and it’s a fun one. I am always looking for a Jade Street, or perhaps a store that specializes in jade, or maybe an exhibit that has jade in the description, but the two times I have seen it were not conducive to getting naughty in an ethical way.

And then we went to Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes National Park, and hiked around “Mt. Baldy.”

Okay, so finding Baldy’s name out in the wild is not actually a Scavenger Hunt, but it’s pretty close, and it was fun, just as the trailhead was getting busy, to pull him out and exhibit him next to his name. And, being cordless, he was kind of naked.

The real fun happened when I got back into the van though. “You know,” Sir said, “as long as you’ve got him out, there’s no reason not to get some use out of him. Why don’t you use him to make yourself cum for me, right here.”

So right there, with the sun shining down and the occasional hiker walking by (we were too high up for anyone to see below my waist), I had me a little Baldy moment.

“Here, let me help,” he said, and pinched my inner thigh. And, “Cum for me, Jade,” he said. “Cum for me. Now.” I had a moment to think, “too soon, I’m not quite there…” but then of course I was, because my body responds to his words all on its own.

And a good pinch doesn’t hurt. I mean, it does, but in a good way.

I had a Baldy orgasm at Mt. Baldy.

It was funny though, when I was all done making funny faces and noises (trying to be quiet) and he showed me why he’d rushed me a tad. Just on the other side of the sign, off camera to the left side, was an info board. And standing in front if it was a man, reading the sign. Yeah, he couldn’t see what was going on down below, but I’m pretty sure he would have known something was happening if he’d seen my orgasm face. Thank you Sir for rushing me that little bit!

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