An Actual Scavenger Hunt

Another solo camping / remote working trip for me – the last short one (I think) before my two week solo trip to the Outer Banks at Thanksgiving. This one had some challenges to be solved and overcome as well, but little by little we’re getting the van set up the way I want it and I’m gaining more confidence in my own capabilities.

I don’t know how this will all shake out: will the novelty wear off, leaving me indifferent to its allure? Will spending two weeks alone at a time be too much? Will working from the van – even in some new environment – become just another workday in a smaller, less comfortable, less convenient, space? Those are potential realities, and I pondered them hard over the three days I spent camping. But I won’t know until I try, and so I have to. I am already excitedly planning my Thanksgiving trip.

First, before I show off the Scavenger Hunt I managed to snag, here’s some of the work we’ve done on Van Morrison.


And now, the Scavenger Hunt I’ve been teasing you with…Amphitheater! Which, I just realized, doesn’t appear to be a designated location yet. Hopefully it can be added…

The last park I solo’d at had a lovely little amphitheater in the woods, and with practically no one in the park on weekdays, I had to do it.

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