Copy / Fax Machine

Remember those days when fax machines and copiers were office staples? When faxing documents was primarily how we communicated documents back and forth; when we kept docs in triplicate in towering filing cabinets? Email and cloud computing changed all that; then came the pandemic and a lot of people discovered they needed even less office than they could have imagined.

Still, I was pretty chuffed when I landed in my current position ten years ago and was given this beautiful office to spend the majority of my waking hours in. Of course, keeping physical copies of everything was already being sunsetted as a concept by then, and my cabinets mostly stood empty. (My coworker persisted in keeping his up until the pandemic, when I finally convinced him that it was acceptable to go paperless.)

However…if everyone had gone paperless, I would not have had the opportunity to snap this oh-so-fun Scavenger Hunt of one of those staples of the business world: a copy/fax machine. How much fun is that?

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