Cherries Jubilee


Tooling around on the blogosphere, finding new people to read, new fun to have, new ideas to get my own flowing (to speak nothing of getting my juices flowing), I ran across this blog: Pop My Cherry written by one Domina Doll, “sex advocate, sex-radical feminist, retail slut & smut shop sales girl, lifestyle dominatrix, filmmaker and photographer.”  She has a review of this lovely toy and a contest to win one (leave a comment, random drawing) as a Valentine’s Day giveaway.  

cherryI love glass dildos.  I can’t recall ever having used one before W used one on me the other weekend, and actually am not sure I ever wanted to try one before then, tho I’d looked at them & admired them for their beauty many times.  But I loved it, its hard, slick surface, the way it warms to your body, the way it looks as it slides in.  And now I see this…now I know I have to get one.

I also found Violet Blue’s blog quite by accident.  I had run across tinynibbles way back when, when I first began my journey into erotica & BDSM, and actually had the great good fortune of meeting her at an event one time, but lost track of her, not knowing, of course, that she is a Celebrity.  Well, now I know.  And am properly humbled and awed.

What a wide, wild world the internet is!

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