Mission: Accomplished

I was kneeling between A’s thighs, his cock slippery and wet in my hand, my mouth and tongue playing with his red, swollen head.
“Do you remember the first time I came in your mouth?” he asked.  I felt his cock jump in my hand as he spoke.  He remembered, obviously.  And oh yes, I remembered as well.  I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it.
An eternity ago, A and I were involved as a triad with my now-ex-husband.  They were good friends, but not sexually or romantically involved–we just had some hot, kinky, three-way sex. We (my ex and I) had introduced A to poly and BDSM.  At the point that this adventure took place, I had been dating A for several weeks.  We had acknowledged deep feelings for each other, were hot for each other, and were just beginning to explore BDSM as a three with the ex.  The problem was that he (A) and I hadn’t quite…synced yet, sexually.
Oh, he had my number all right.  But he was a harder nut to crack, so to speak. I hadn’t learned his triggers yet, I didn’t know just how to push him over the edge, what his buttons were, as I do now.  Much of being “good in bed” is simply learning each other’s rhythm and adapting to it. In A’s case, there was also the barrier of his brain…he hadn’t yet allowed himself to go there, into total release, with me.  He couldn’t quite let go enough to get over the edge.
But I felt confident we’d get there.  I am nothing if not persistent.
This evening my ex and A and I had been playing BDSM-wise for most of the evening. The ex had tied me, cropped and flogged me and fucked me while A watched. Then, when the ex had finally spent himself inside me, he pushed me over toward A, who was laying next to us, hugely aroused, but quiescent.  Willing to watch as he stroked his cock.
“Suck him,” he said. “Make him come in your mouth.” The ex knew that I hadn’t accomplished that feat yet.  We’d talked about it, and he wanted it to happen as much as I did, but neither of us was sure how to make it happen.  Now there was an edge to his voice–it was a command. It was, possibly, a test.  My eyes met A’s.  He didn’t say anything, just watched as I moved over to him and took him in my mouth.  I think he felt some anxiety about it though, because his hard-on had begun to soften just a bit.
When I knelt between his thighs, the ex stood up and came around to the other side of the bed where A lay, and then stood there, just behind me.  I could feel him watching me slide my mouth up and down the shaft of A’s cock, working him back to tumescence.
“Lift your ass,” the ex abruptly said.
I stopped sucking A’s cock and looked back at him.  He slapped my thigh, hard.  “Do it.”  A’s cock jumped in my hand. I looked back up at A and saw something new in his eyes, in his face.  A taut excitement.  I raised myself hesitantly.  The ex grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved my head back down onto A’s cock.
“Do your job, slut,” he growled, and slapped my ass once, then again.  I felt A’s cock getting harder, felt his excitement growing.
I began to work on A’s cock in earnest now, and the ex started to spank me.  Hard, resounding, punishing slaps, smacks that drove me forward, shoving A’s cock into my mouth, down my throat, choking me.  At one point I stopped, gasping, pulled away.
“Don’t stop,” the ex snarled. “Keep sucking his cock, you little whore.  Keep sucking it till he comes!”
And I did.  Over and over his slaps pushed me down onto A’s cock, forcing it into the back of my throat.  He swelled hugely in my mouth and began thrusting up in rhythm to the slaps.  In a weird chemistry, the ex seemed to recognize and respond to A’s rhythm, and soon, his smacks were not as punishing, they were more rhythmic, meeting and driving A’s rhythm.  A’s breathing became ragged.  So did the ex’s.  I was soaked, girljuice flowing down my thighs, my excitement almost painful.  Suddenly A grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock as deep as it would go into my throat, choking me.  An inarticulate moan escaped him as held me and then, finally, it happened: he squirted hot, sweet come into my mouth.
I barely had time to look up at A in triumph or to register that the spanking had stopped before the ex drug me away from A and pushed me across the side of the bed, putting my ass and pussy at the perfect height for him to shove into me, which he did immediately, without a word.  In moments I was climaxing and then he was too.  “You fucking slut,” he said as he came.
When I came back to reality a few moments later I looked up to see the two of them grinning at each other over my head.
Mission: accomplished.

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