Greedy Bitch

So I bought my guys some toys. The SO and I are heading up to Kinky Kollege in October, and he had indicated an BirchBundleinterest in canes, so I bought him a “starter” set from Cane-IAC, so that he’ll have several different styles to try out on some unsuspecting female of his acquaintance (huh, think that would be me?) While I was shopping I found a birch bundle, and well, I couldn’t resist. W and I have talked about birching, and it just sounds soooo deliciously fun…so I got him one.
WillowThen I saw a willow bundle, and of course I had to have one of those too.  For the sake of research.  I bought that one for A.
The package arrived yesterday, but I had to wait all through work and class and House and kids getting ready for bed before I could open it.
And then I realized another package had arrived as well, this time from Eden Fantasys! This one was paid for by the two WotW articles I wrote, one on the word bitch, the other on twat, so it made me especially happy.  And inside it were two items that A wanted me to get: two beautiful glass buttplugs. One was the 1-1/2″ Amber Plug and the other was the 2″ Sexy Spades.  Both of these got good reviews from other bloggers, and they are so pretty, they are hard to resist.

2" Sexy Spades
Sexy Spades

Of course I do get the irony of buying something because it is beautiful to insert in my ass. Maybe I like them just because of the irony.
Along with his new cupping set, I do believe we have a lot of “trying out of the new toys” to do.  I’m damn excited!
So excited that I couldn’t resist taking W’s birch rod over to his house at lunch today, rather than wait till Ad and I go over on Thursday.  And of course he had to give it a little test run on my some unsuspecting female’s butt.  I did try to resist.  Honest!
It was yummy. Switchy and stingy and not anything like I expected when I took it out of the box and saw all these poky branches bundled together.
So of course I want more. It was hard to go back to work. It’ll be harder still waiting til I get a proper “birching.” Cuz I am a greedy bitch, doncha know.

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